End Thanksgiving Dinner on a High Note: 10 Easy-to-Make Desserts That Impress

For anyone with a sweet tooth, the best part about Thanksgiving dinner is the dessert. Even for the more savory-seeking, few can argue with the tradition of finishing off the feast with a plate full of holiday sweets. With nostalgic flavors of pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, and brown sugar, no Thanksgiving gathering is complete without a sweet treat that caters to our holiday-minded palates.

When you're serving up a spread of mouthwatering sides—not to mention the turkey—mustering up the energy to bake decadent desserts can be a difficult task. Yet serving up crowd-pleasers doesn't necessitate tons of time in the kitchen. To save you from added stress—and let you get back to enjoying your Thanksgiving dinner rather than slaving away in the kitchen—we've rounded up seven easy Thanksgiving desserts that are sure to impress every guest. Not only are these recipes easy, but they put a playful spin on our favorite fall desserts. Keep scrolling for seven crowd-pleasing easy Thanksgiving desserts that are simple as pie.