This Sweet Yet Savory Recipe Makes the Perfect V-Day Gift


House of Harper

Yes, Valentine’s Day has traditionally centered around celebrating your love for your S.O. But it’s 2017, and the times are a-changing. These days, the holiday is no longer synonymous with extravagant gift exchanges and over-the-top candlelit dinners. From celebrating February 14 with your friends to exchanging cards with family, there are plenty of ways to show all of your loved ones that you care.

Take, for instance, Houston-based blogger Caroline Harper. Although she enjoys commemorating the holiday with her husband, the House of Harper blogger also chooses to spread the V-Day love to her sons, her friends, extended family, and even the neighbors down the block. And what’s the easiest way into their hearts? A little snack, of course.

“It’s always fun to get unexpected gifts, and it makes them feel loved and appreciated,” says Harper. “Plus, recipes don’t have to cost a lot of money; it’s always the thought that counts.” 

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 Keep scrolling to get the V-Day recipe anyone can make (and enjoy!).