3 Ways to Be Healthy That Require Minimal Effort, According to Science

A classic combination of lazy and busy makes adopting a truly healthy lifestyle near impossible. Aside from rarely having the time to go to the gym, meals are often picked up from the nearest restaurant and devoured in the 15 minutes between meetings. If this lifestyle sounds even the least bit familiar, rest assured knowing there are small, practical ways to be healthier that require minimal effort. According to Business Insider, these are the subtle changes to make for a healthier life:

Eat fruit instead of candy: Satiate your sugar fix with a bowl of strawberries instead of reaching for the candy bowl. While still high in natural sugar, fruits, especially raspberries, blackberries, and avocados, are also high in fiber and water content.

Grocery shop on a full stomach: A June 2013 study published in JAMA Internal Medicine found that hungry grocery shoppers bought more calories, not more food. "Don't go shopping when you're hungry and you don't have a list, because you're just going to buy all sorts of junk food," said nutritionist Amy Yaroch of the study.

Learn how to cook: While you may think you over-salt your food, nothing compares to the added sugar, butter, and salt typically used at restaurants. What's more, cooking at home is linked to eating healthier, saving money, and boosting self-esteem, says BI.

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