In a Relationship? What You Need to Know Before Entertaining


Krista Mason Photography

Jess Levin's website Carats & Cake is a premier network representing the very best in the wedding industry. Not only is she a tech entrepreneur, but Levin is also the quintessential hostess. Featured as an expert in noteworthy media outlets, Levin is quickly becoming a go-to tastemaker with her entertaining and guest etiquette tips. Here she lends us a few key tips on easy hosting for new couples according to industry experts.

Moving into a new place or building a home together can be an adjustment for couples, especially when it comes to the way you entertain. With summer season being the ultimate time to celebrate, you may find yourself having to host last-minute gatherings—but don't let that worry you. Here's the scoop on the wedding industry's go-to tips for easy entertaining, regardless of what you have on hand. Read eight expert tips for entertaining guests at a moment’s notice.

What’s your go-to way to entertain in a pinch?