How to Keep Your Bedroom Spring-Fresh in the Winter


Colleen Eversman

Winter is the season when all we want to do is hibernate under our duvets and binge-watch our favorite TV shows (Westworld, anyone?). But spending whole weekends in bed can destroy our will to maintain personal relationships or even just a kempt bedroom.

This is a weekly challenge Kate Arends knows all too well. Arends, the brains behind Wit & Delight, a lifestyle blog and design consulting agency, lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota, where winter temperatures stay below 30 degrees during the day and approach a chilling zero at night. During such freezing temps, Arends says her “bedroom is a destination.” Her favorite things to do: “Have breakfast in bed. Relax after a long day with a glass of wine. Listen to records. Take your time getting ready for a date.” See a pattern here?

So to make sure her bedroom is a spring-fresh oasis for all her staying-in activities, she diligently sanitizes and cares for her bed linens, relying on cleaning must-haves like her at-home clothing management system, the LG Styler.

Keep scrolling for the blogger’s top tips on transforming your bedroom into a spring-fresh haven all throughout winter.

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