Weeknight Date Ideas That Won't Keep You up Past Your Bedtime

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If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, you know that actually going on planned dates (like you did during the courtship-phase) is harder than expected. You see each other incidentally all the time, right? So, separating time together from actual quality time together can become a tricky line to navigate.

Sure, you have the weekends, but by the time you’ve reached the end of a long week, the couch, wine, and lingering chores takes up the precious 48-hours you have. But, as we know, keeping your partnership dynamic and different can help avoid complacency (and therefore, other issues down the track). So, to help you turn your weeknights into an opportunity for adventure and meaningful connection, we’ve thought of 13 weeknight ideas, that will still have you in bed early for the next workday. Read on for some inventive and weeknight date ideas below. 

  1. Hit a local bar, and try a new drink.
  2. Go out for desert.
  3. Drive to the nearest beach, and take a walk.

  4. Watch a movie at the Openair Cinemas.

  5. Make your partner's favourite dinner and set the table. 

  6. Splurge on a lavish cheeseboard—paired your favourite wine of course.

  7. Book a couple’s massage.

  8. Venture into a suburb you’re not familiar with.

  9. Go for a bike ride on a scenic route. 

  10. Plan your next holiday, and start making your dream itinerary.

  11. Create your favourite weekend brunch for dinner.

  12. Book a luxe hotel room for the night.

  13. Relive your first date.


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