The "Lazy" Dinners Our Editors Make When They Don't Have Time to Cook

For those who are regular readers of my byline, you're well acquainted with my aversion to cooking. Although I don't love spending time in the kitchen, it's not practical, monetarily speaking, for me to order takeout every night either, which is where easy one-pot recipes, simple sheet pan recipes, and other one-and-done meals come to the rescue.

In search of a fresh crop of low-lift recipes to add to my arsenal, I tapped my MyDomaine colleagues to find out which "lazy" dinners they make on a regular basis. Ahead, MyDomaine editors share the easy weeknight dinner recipes they turn to when they don't have time to cook. From a healthy chopped salad that's ready in just 15 minutes to a two-ingredient breakfast-for-dinner meal, here are the easy weeknight dinners MyDomaine editors make at least three times a week.