How to Stay Healthy (When You Never Have Time for the Gym)

Even if you're a personal trainer, professional foodie, or yoga instructor, life will get in the way of your gym time, kitchen time, or mat time at some point or another. Fortunately, this situation mimics what busy women everywhere face daily: How can you squeeze in some physical activity or a healthy meal when time is of the essence?

For some insight into the former, we reached out to Rachel Rubin, a fitness professional, former athlete, and current New Balance ambassador. "On the days I don't have time for a formal workout, I make sure I wake up early and devote the time to getting my mind and body right for that day," she said of her typical gym-free routine.

For her, even just a 10-minute mind/body session consisting of yoga-inspired stretches, a mini dance party, and a mental gratitude exercise is enough to make her feel accomplished. "All exercising essentially boils down to getting your energy moving, and I find that even a little movement each day goes a long way to keeping me feeling healthy," she adds. You could even try dynamic stretching to increase your heart rate and get your blood flowing; all you need is a yoga mat and some morning motivation.

How do you stay active when you don't have time for a formal workout? Share your experience with us below!