Healthy Airport Food Does Exist—Here's What a Dietitian Eats While in Transit

Updated 05/06/19

A vacation wouldn't be a true vacation without a little indulgence and a break from routine. However, it is possible to navigate the airport while maintaining your healthy eating habits before you depart to your destination where the real fun can begin. "A lot of people get in 'vacation mode' the minute they enter the airport, and then you're not as mindful about what you're eating," Molly Kimball, RD, tells Well + Good. According to Kimball, you don't have to succumb to this common travel pitfall.

You can take a few simple steps to eat healthy at the airport, which will leave you with more energy to make it through a long day of traveling.

Kimball suggests bringing your own food and snacks with you when traveling. Take a minute to raid your fridge for leftovers before you leave for the airport. You likely have a few items you can bring along with you and, yes, you can safely pass through airport security with snacks in tow. Kimball also suggests adding extra protein to your diet when you know you'll be traveling to keep you energized. She likes to pack a small amount of protein powder with her so she can add it to her coffee after she goes through security.

When it comes to purchasing food at the airport, Kimball suggests seeking out a breakfast menu. Since most airport restaurants serve breakfast all day, you shouldn't have trouble finding a healthy veggie omelet or an egg sandwich that's likely healthier than a fast-food option. While it can be difficult to find a healthy snack among the airport kiosks and snack stands, Kimball identifies hard-boiled eggs as a common airport find that makes a healthy snack. She also recommends picking up a bag of freeze-dried apples in a pinch to satisfy your need to snack.

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