Eat Sleep Wear's $5000 Gender-Neutral Nursery Is Picture-Perfect

When you're preparing for a newborn's arrival there is so much excitement mixed with trepidation. You can't wait to meet this new little human being but you're nervous about the delivery and how you'll manage everything when you get home. So, in a world of unknowns, it helps to have a few constants that keep you grounded and calm. For us, that place is the nursery. You'll be spending a lot of time here so it pays to make it a space that you both want to be in. 

For Kimberly Lapides or Eat Sleep Wear that meant creating a nursery that didn't actually feel like a nursery. So she worked with interior designer Anne Sage to create a space that felt warm and inviting—the perfect room to welcome baby Otis to the world—but one that also "met Kim’s standards for style and design." Plus, it was important that the nursery has room to grow and evolve with Otis, rather than feeling baby-ish in a year or two.

Step inside to see how this creative duo created a stunning gender-neutral nursery in Huntington Beach, California, then shop the look.





Anne Sage