Science Says Eating With Your Coworkers Will Improve Performance

Most days, I eat lunch in front of my computer while working. I usually throw together a salad, or if I have the proper ingredients, a soup; then, once it’s made, I sit down and continue with my job. Research shows that I’m not alone—a whopping 80 percent of workers eat lunch at their desk, even though a midday lunch break is proven to be highly restorative.

A new scientific study, that was recently highlighted on Business Insider, says that “taking the time to prepare and eat meals with coworkers can help boost team performance.” Cornell University looked at firefighters, who spend some of their time cooking and eating together. This experience helped the firefighters bond and while out on a call, it improved their performance as a group.

According to the report, “the more often teams ate together, the better they performed.” It does point out that occasional mealtime cliques can form, but overall if you’re using the mealtime to forage new relationships, rather than close people off, it could be an easy way to improve team performance.

Bringing soup to work? Transport it in a stylish thermos.

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