How to Make an Eclectic Bedroom Feel Cool, Creative, and Calm

It's easy to mistake eclecticism for an inability to commit to one style; however, when executed well, an eclectic space looks and feels cohesive. While the design aesthetic can involve mixing styles, colors, and patterns, it's important to ensure that at least one element ties a room a together, whether it's a neutral wall, a central art piece, or a bold color included throughout. Perfect for those with an inclination to experiment with décor, designing an eclectic room allows you to show off your personality and get creative.

The bedroom is one space that certainly deserves this special, personal touch. Mix and match with pieces sourced from modern brands, vintage shops, and thrift stores alike. Play with bold colors, patterns, and textures as you juxtapose a variety of styles together in a way that suits your one-of-a-kind eye. It can be as subtle as displaying a bold comforter and a few mix-matched throw pillows or as loud as layering multiple patterns and textures together. While there aren't many rules to this creative style, ahead, take note a few tips that will help you create the eclectic bedroom of your dreams.