The One Design Trend That Lets Your Personal Style Shine

If we asked you to describe your personal style in a few words, chances are you'd reference a few different aesthetics and design trends. That's because a well-developed sense of style tends to be a reflection of your own complexities. Personally, I have some strong tiki tendencies à la Dr. Lawarence (the eccentric Hawaii-obsessed psychiatrist from Twin Peaks): Think rattan and Aloha print. But I'm also drawn to the drama and elegance of Rococo, the simplicity of midcentury modernism, and the sleek, clean elegance of contemporary design. I love color, but I'm easily overwhelmed by too much contrast. Ergo, those aforementioned complexities. 

And while that may sound like a wacky, inconsistent mix, it can all work together well. It even has a name: eclectism, which is all about expressing your style authentically. It also happens to be the best trend to adopt if you like a little of everything (or you've inherited a little of everything) and find beauty in offbeat, unexpected combinations. To make our case, we rounded up 10 eclectic living rooms that are bursting with character while mastering cohesion and balance. Allow these stylish, unique, and well-curated eclectic living rooms below guide and inspire you.