10 Eclectic Living Rooms That Let Personal Style Shine Like No Other Style Does

eclectic living room

Photo: Nicole Franzen

If we asked you to describe your personal style in a few words, chances are, you'd reference a few different aesthetics and design trends. That's because a well-developed sense of style tends to be a reflection of your own complexities.

And while that may sound like it could turn into a wacky, inconsistent mix, it can all work together well. It even has a name: eclecticism, which is all about expressing your style authentically. It also happens to be the best trend to adopt if you like a little of everything (or you've inherited a little of everything) and find beauty in offbeat, unexpected combinations.

To make our case, we rounded up 10 eclectic living rooms that are bursting with character while mastering cohesion and balance. Allow these stylish, unique, and well-curated eclectic living rooms below guide and inspire you.

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Introduce Edgy to Traditional

eclectic living room

Photo: Nicole Franzen

If you're drawn to the laid-back beauty of low-key pieces, but you also want to exude more formality in the living room, take notes from the above. The storage basket, floor plant, colorful rug, and crocheted throw pillow all scream free-spirited, yet the clean-lined sofa (which picks up on the gorgeous periwinkle paint), abstract wall art, and gold tabletop decor dress things up.

The coffee table alone embodies the entire room: It keeps a low, grounded profile sitting atop distressed wooden block legs, but the marble tabletop is all 100% fancy. 

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Mix Different Styles

eclectic living room

Photo: Nicole Franzen

This eclectic space is like your favorite "business in the front, party in the back" outfit. The beautiful woven lounge chair, glossy low-to-the-ground coffee table, traditional vase, table lamp, and sofa all make it feel formal and sophisticated enough to host VIP guests.

But then the abstract, large-scale, casually displayed photography instantly introduces a surge of edgy energy. The throw pillow also highlights the orange hues to create balance and a more seamless flow from the wall decor to the rest of the room. 

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Get Inspired by the Californians

eclectic living room

Design: Amber Interior Design

If you love the look of eclectic living rooms but aren't sure how to accomplish it at home, take note from the Danish space above. The layered textiles, plush throws, and contrasting materials are all quintessentially eclectic. Another staple of California eclecticism is worn leather. Think sling chairs and poufs.

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Skip the Maximalism

eclectic interior design

Design: Kasha Paris

Eclecticism is often mistaken for over-the-top maximalism, but that's definitely not always the case. In the living room nook above, just a few pieces can go a long way. The antique gilt mirror, casual jute rug, handsome chaise, and über-feminine purple and pink quilts all exude a very different vibe.

But set against the bright white farmhouse-esque space, they work together beautifully. In short, quality over quantity can be your motto with eclectic living rooms, too. 

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Play With Color

eclectic interior design

Design: Martha Angus

With dainty silhouettes, pastel yellow perfection, and just the right touch of whimsy, this living room vignette is what Wes Anderson–inspired interior dreams are made of. The traditional French settee is very Marie Antionette, which is simultaneously reinforced and undermined by the realist photograph above it.

There's a nod of nostalgia for a bygone era, as it captures something with modern technology that is distinct from the past. The silver tabletop décor also confirms the modern sensibility. 

If you're starting the design process from scratch, pick one statement piece and decorate the rest of the room, building off that piece's color scheme and texture. Our suggestion? Start with the sofa.

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Anchor Your Space

eclectic living room

Photo: Michael Wells

This living room is really working those gorgeous high ceilings, perfectly symmetrical columns, and large windows, which flood the space with sunlight. The grand chandelier, antique frames, and dressers all pick up on those qualities, while the coral decor and jute rug add a bit of a beachy feel. Then, the staple seating and metallic ottoman tie the space together.

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Don't Shy Away from Pink

eclectic living room

Design: Brett Mickan Interior Design

The sofa setup looks like it could belong inside of the painting, with a similar gold, beige, gray, and pale blue color scheme as the painting above it. And as we get further into the living room, the color palette becomes dominated by contrasting magenta and bubblegum pink shades. It all works together because of the leather caramel sling chairs, gray coffee table, and salmon-hued floor lamp.

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Keep It Contemporary

eclectic living room

Design: Leanne Ford

Eclectic decorating doesn't have to entail wild print-mixing. Don't get us wrong, we love a good floral throw sitting adjacent to a leopard one, but if that's not your cup of tea, try playing with different shapes and materials while sticking to one anchor color.

As evidenced above, you can stay true to a tight color palette while still featuring a ton of design traditions for plenty of excitement and intrigue. Though the Victorian era architecture lends itself to more traditional pieces, the mod armchair, casually leaning contemporary art, chic slipcover sofa, vases, modern coffee table, and pendant light all look right at home.

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Paint the Walls White

eclectic living room

Design: Katie Hodges Design

We love how this space incorporates rustic-chic pieces that exude a ton of history and personality while still managing to look grown-up, refined, and photo-ready. One of the ways this is accomplished is through the thoughtfully placed decorative items, the eye-catching traditional figurative portrait, and, most transformative, the fresh white paint. The finished product is a family-friendly living room that cleans up nicely.

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Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

eclectic living room

Design: Elizabeth Roberts Architecture

While the staple pieces in this living room are rooted in Scandinavian and midcentury designs, the accents each introduce more modern and minimalist styles. This really comes to life in the lighting choices, from the artful floor lamp, the pendant over the dining room, and one in the living room. The neutral color palette helps to keep things feeling consistent.

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