7 Honest Company Products All New Moms Should Have

Updated 07/28/17
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Between a dwindling sleep schedule and on-call diaper duty, first-time moms have a lot on their plates. As if we needed to remind you, your time is a precious resource. Since you want to give your little one the best of the best from the kitchen to the nursery, you probably end up pacing up and down the baby aisle reading the label of every product followed by hours of researching those hard-to-pronounce ingredients. But who has the time or the energy to do that?

To streamline the process, we rounded up the seven health-conscious and eco-friendly baby products that new moms can trust from Honest Company. You can bring them along with you as you run errands or keep them in bulk at home to save you a trip to the store. Aside from being affordable and convenient to shop for, the packaging is pretty enough to put on display in the nursery rather than having to find a storage solution. Click through to start packing your new mom bags with our roundup of seven essentials, from nipple cream to overnight diapers.

What eco-friendly and health-conscious baby products do you use? Share your recommendations in the comment section below.

Honest Organic Nipple Balm
The Honest Company Honest Organic Nipple Balm $14

If you're on the lookout for a hypoallergenic cream to repair chapped, tender, nursing, or sore nipples, then here's your solution. It's made with USDA-certified organic ingredients to moisturize and soothe the natural way. Plus, it's specifically designed for nursing, so you won't need to wipe it off before.

Overnight Diapers
The Honest Company Overnight Diapers $14

On the lookout for some hypoallergenic overnight diapers? These also happen to be ultra-soft and hypoallergenic, plus they have an extra layer to absorb more throughout the night for a dry feel and better night sleep.

Organic Premium Infant Formula
The Honest Company Organic Premium Infant Formula $33

Honest Company's high-quality infant formula is a great alternative to breast milk. Modeled after breast milk, "and meticulously blended using non-GMO, naturally derived" ingredients from organic farms, it makes a nutritious diet easier to achieve. It will also be extremely gentle on your infant's tummy.

Organic Belly Balm
The Honest Company Organic Belly Balm $17

Packed with nourishing omega-3 oils, coconut oil, and cocoa butter, apply this belly balm to your skin for reduced stretch marks. It's a great option for anyone who wants to revitalize and moisturize their skin with an FDA-approved organic blend.

Travel Baby Wipes
The Honest Company Travel Baby Wipes $4

It's probably safe to say that having a newborn means there are messes around the house. To meet all your hygiene and tidying needs, opting for a biodegradable, plant-based cleaning product is ideal.

Diaper Rash Cream
The Honest Company Diaper Rash Cream $10

Certified b the NSF, this diaper cream is made with non-nano zinc oxide and organic ingredients, which work by forming a protective layer on yours baby's skin. Keep it on deck to instantly relieve and soothe your little one's diaper rash.

Baby DHA
The Honest Company Baby DHA $20

For anyone who takes omega-3 supplements for a balanced diet, this baby-friendly option will allow your infant to reap the benefits of premium fish oils, too. The formula was developed to optimize eye and brain health for babies, and the light citrus flavor will be easy on those tiny taste buds.

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