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20 Eco-Friendly Décor Brands That Are Actually Chic


These days, blending environmental and social impact with inspired design is easier than ever. Eco-friendly and ethically-made décor brands are no longer just synonymous with recycled, crafted items. Yes, "eco" can often conjure up crunchy associations, but this next wave of eco-conscious retailers proves green is gorgeous.

Ahead, we've rounded up 20 retailers that are transforming the face of eco-friendly décor brands that will give your home serious style.

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Malawi rug
Armadillo Malawi Rug, Mushroom $14,905,750.00

Armadillo's hand-dyed and sun-dried natural fiber rugs are made from thoughtfully sourced jute, wool, and linen. The Australian company is a certified B Corporation, meaning it meets B Corp's rigorous standards for social and environmental performance, among other metrics. Its rugs also feature a Declare Label from the International Living Future Institute, which offers transparency around each product's full production cycle.

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August Sage

Ankhole horn heirloom tray
August Sage Ankhole Horn Heirloom Tray, Light Horn or Dark Horn $65.00

All of August Sage's home goods and décor products come with transparency around the design process. Each product on the website describes where and how materials were sourced. For example, the Ankle Horn Heirloom Tray pictured was sourced as a food byproduct and made start to finish in Kampala, Uganda.

Overall, August Sage does not use plastics or harmful chemicals to make their pieces, and their aesthetics favor rough textures, natural dyes, and elegant design.

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Boll & Branch

Refresh bed sheet bundle
Boll & Branch Refresh Bed Bundle $268,318.00

Boll & Branch makes bed sheets, bath towels, and more from 100 percent organic cotton. According to the company, most conventional cotton products are made with pesticides and other harmful chemicals, as well as shady labor practices.

In addition to using organic cotton, Boll & Branch's products are made without harmful chemicals; are made with sustainable raw materials; responsible waste and water management treatment; and made by workers in factories that pay a living wage. They also ship their items in recycled paper.

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Aviary and floral pillows
P. Kaufmann Aviary & Floral Toile Pillows 23" Square - Pair $399.00 $324.00

Buying secondhand is naturally good for the environment—it’s a form of recycling that takes something old and makes it new again. Chairish brings this environmentally sound practice to the masses by scouring flea and vintage markets to curate an incredibly wide range of home goods, vintage furniture, décor, and more for their easy-to-shop website.

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Cisco Home

Ottoman bench
Cisco Home Seda Ottoman Bench, Denim White $1,500.00

All of the furniture and home goods by Cisco Home are made with natural materials and are friendly to the environment. Cisco’s offerings include every manner of home goods, from benches and poufs to accent chairs and coffee tables.

Find their furniture and décor in retailers across the United States and Canada, as well as at select online retailers like Blue Hand Home, Urban Natural Home, and Kathy Kuo Home.

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The Citizenry

Lomas wall hanging
The Citizenry Lomas Wall Hanging $850.00

The Citizenry sells small-batch, locally sourced and made bedding, rugs, pillows, and décor by artisans located all over the world, including Mexico, India, and Ghana. They pay their artisan partners a living wage and sell their goods directly to consumers from their website, which eliminates mark-ups.

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Headspace paint color by Clare
Clare Headspace, 1 gallon $59.00

Clare Paint's paint colors are water-based and free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are chemical gasses that paints release into the air. For example, VOCs like benzene and formaldehyde are harmful to the environment and people when inhaled. Another bonus is that Clare's paint trays and liners are made from recycled materials.

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Reyes waffle blanket
Coyuchi Reyes Organic Waffle Blanket $58,298.00

Coyuchi’s range of deluxe textiles, bedding, mattresses, and more is entirely produced from 100 percent organic cotton. Less than 1 percent of the world’s cotton is organically grown, so Coyuchi is a good pick if you’re passionate about products made with natural fibers that are free of toxic dyes and bleaches.

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Creative Women

Creative Women Cotton Bath Towel $71.00

Creative Women works with women in Ethiopia to create a positive impact in the communities with which they work. By shopping these gorgeous handmade textiles, customers help support sustainable employment as well as unique products tied to artisanal traditions and time-honored processes.

Its website is set up for wholesale buyers, so check select online retailers like Made Trade, The Little Market, and West Elm.

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Our Place

Always Pan
Our Place Always Pan $145.00

Our Place is a startup whose Always Pan is an 8-in-1 kitchen workhorse. A portion of the pan is made from recycled materials, and their packing is 100 percent plastic-free, fully recyclable, and made from recycled materials. And since the pan does it all—this one pan can fry, braise, boil, sauté, and more—it cuts down on the need to purchase multiple products.

Beyond that, according to the company website, Our Place's factories are paid above-living wages (including benefits), are treated fairly, and are audited by third-party organizations.

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Akimbo 5 – Greyscale Pillow
Eskayel Akimbo 5 Grayscale Pillow $165,305.00

Known for its beautiful, intricate patterns and unique colorways, Eskayel operates on a print-to-order model, which is a significantly more eco-conscious alternative to traditional wallpaper and fabric manufacturing. Eskayel also uses chemical-free paper and water-based inks to produce its homewares, which include pillows, rugs, furniture, and more.

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Canopy self-watering planter
LSA International Canopy Self-Watering Planter $100.00

Designers and entrepreneurs Byron and Dexter Peart created the online marketplace Goodee in 2017. Their shop is stocked exclusively with sustainable home décor and lifestyle brands, including offerings for babies and kids. At Goodee, find everything from lighting to planters and furniture to bath accessories.

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Rhapsody bulb vase
Kazi Rhapsody Bulb Vase $98.00

Kazi's gorgeous, vibrant baskets and vessels are handwoven in Rwanda, Ghana, and Uganda using sisal and sweetgrass. These plants are natural resources that are accessible to Kazi's artisans. The brand also partners with nonprofit organizations to bring education and skills training to people in the communities with which they work.

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Linen starter bedroom bundle
Parachute Linen Starter Bedroom Bundle $4,881,157.00

When Parachute launched in 2014, its bedding offerings quickly became popular. They've since expanded into other spaces in the home, including towels and rugs for the kitchen and living room which are made without harmful chemicals or synthetics.

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The Joinery

The Joinery Klamath Dining Table, Eastern Walnut $1,950.00

As a certified B Corporation, Oregon-based The Joinery incorporates responsible business, environmental, and social practices across its company. For example, the wood they use to create their wooden furniture is sourced locally from Oregon or Washington, FSC certified (meaning it comes from responsibly managed forests), or both.

They also try to reuse or recycle scrap wood and lumber, use biodiesel to fuel their delivery trucks, and embrace solar and wind energy as well as high-efficiency lighting in their facilities.

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Collins Loveseat
Joybird Collins Loveseat, Bentley Daisy $15,791,805.00

In addition to responsibly sourcing raw materials to make their midcentury modern sofas, chairs, and sectionals, Joybird partners with a number of conservation groups to restore forests. For example, the company partners with One Tree Planted to help spread awareness about the importance and value of trees and sustainability.

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Essential oil candle
Lite+Cycle Essential Oil Candle, Bergamot $55.00

Candlemaker Kristi Head of Lite+Cycle is all about bringing the highest-quality scent experience to the home. Each freestanding pillar candle is crafted through a delicate process featuring high-grade essential oils extracted through the cleanest methods available and using non-GMO vegetable wax and a cotton wick. The candles—in scents including lavender, bergamot, vetiver, and more—are sumptuous and meant to burn pure, leaving no waste behind.

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Beaming artwork
Minna Beaming $225.00

Minna's New York-based team collaborates with family-run and independently-run cooperatives in Central and South America to create home décor items that blend indigenous textile techniques with contemporary design. They source natural, sustainable materials and work with sustainable factories and small-batch producers to make rugs, throws, art, and wearables.

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VivaTerra Hammered Drum Collection $199.00 $100.00

Working with artisans in more than 20 countries as well as within the United States, VivaTerra facilitates handmade and fair-trade goods that are largely recycled, made from reclaimed materials, and 100 percent chemical-free. Offerings include furniture, home accessories, garden, dining items, and more.

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Zuahaza reversible pillow
Zuahaza Iza Reversible Pillow $80.00

Founder Tatiana Ordoñez partners with Corpolienzo, a collective of artisan craftswomen across Colombia, to bring traditional woven home goods to the global market. Zuahaza strives to use organic materials and processes, pay its makers a living wage, minimize waste by using leftover materials to create smaller items, and recycle scraps as fertilizer for their cotton farms.

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