10 Eco-Friendly Décor Brands That Are Actually Chic

eco-friendly décor brands

Happy Earth Day! If you love the planet and home design as much as we do, listen up. These days, minding your environmental and social impact right along with the inspired design is easier than ever. Eco-friendly décor brands are no longer synonymous with recycled crafted items. In fact, most eco-friendly décor products are so great you wouldn't even know they're doing good for the environment by just looking at them.

Yes, "eco" can often conjure up crunchy associations, but we're here to open your eyes to a new class of eco-conscious retailers that prove green is gorgeous. Ahead, we've rounded up some of our favorite retailers who are transforming the face of eco-friendly décor brands. Get ready to give your home serious style, all the while being kind to the planet.


Kazi's gorgeous, vibrant baskets and vessels are handwoven in Rwanda using sisal and sweetgrass. Similar to bamboo, these plants grow abundantly in the region, which means their use is less taxing on the environment. The brand also partners with nonprofit organizations to bring education and skill training to people in the communities with which they work.

Large eco-friendly bowl
Kazi Large Cloud Pink Virunga Bowl $68
Eco-friendly vase
Kazi Rhapsody Bulb Vase $98


Buying secondhand is naturally good for the environment—it’s a form of recycling that takes something old and makes it new again. Chairish brings this environmentally sound practice of scouring flea and vintage markets to the masses, curating an incredibly wide range of home goods, vintage furniture, décor, and more under one easy-to-shop website.

Printed pillows
P. Kaufmann Aviary & Floral Toile Pillows 23" Square - Pair $399 $359
Tibetan tiger rug
Chairish Modern Wool Tibetan Tiger Rug 3' x 5' $250 $175


You wouldn’t necessarily know it right away, but all of the furniture and home goods available at Cisco are made with natural materials and friendly to the environment. Cisco’s offerings include every manner of home goods, as well as specialty products, like John Derian’s debut furniture collection, which falls under Cisco’s eco-rigorous stipulations.

Cisco Alcott Chair $1,795
Cisco Oxxo Sconce $Upon Request


Premium paint without dangerous chemicals and toxins? Sign us up. Colorhouse produces a wide array of colors, all of which have no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), no reproductive toxins, no chemical solvents, and no toxic fumes.


Coyuchi’s range of deluxe textiles, bedding, mattresses, and more is entirely produced from 100 percent organic cotton. It’s rarer than you’d think: Less than 1 percent of the world’s cotton is organically grown, so Coyuchi is a good pick if you’re passionate about products made with natural fibers free of dyes and bleaches. The best part is that the textiles don’t skimp on style or luxury. They’re some of the softest fabrics you can get your hands on.

Organic cotton throw
Coyuchi Miramar Organic Waffle Throw, Queen $308 $239
Coyuchi Cozy Cotton Organic Pillow Cover $98 $39

Creative Women

Creative Women works with women in Ethiopia, Morocco, and Bolivia to create a positive impact in the communities with which they work. By shopping these gorgeous handmade textiles, customers help support sustainable employment as well as unique products tied to artisanal traditions and time-honored processes.

Creative Women Aden Cotton Bath Towel $Upon Request
Creative Women Cotton Napkin $Upon Request


If you’re looking for a gorgeous wooden furniture piece for your home, Environment furniture ought to be your go-to. Many companies such as Room and Board and Dillweed Custom Wood make a gorgeous assortment of unique furniture (bed frames, tables, benches, and lots more) from reclaimed, recycled, and sustainably harvested woods.


Known for its beautiful, intricate patterns and unique colorways, Eskayel operates on a print-to-order model, which is a significantly more eco-conscious alternative to traditional wallpaper and fabric manufacturing. Eskayel also uses chemical-free paper and water-based inks in producing its homewares, which include pillows, rugs, furniture, and more.

Akimbo 5 – Greyscale Pillow
Eskayel Akimbo 5 Grayscale Pillow $165 - $305


Candlemaker Kristi Head of Lite+Cycle is all about bringing the highest-quality scent experience to the home. Each freestanding pillar candle is crafted through a delicate process featuring high-grade essential oils extracted through the cleanest methods available, and use non-GMO vegetable wax and a cotton wick. The candles—with their scents of lavender, bergamot, sage, and more—are sumptuously enveloping and meant to burn pure, leaving no waste behind.


Working with artisans in more than 20 countries as well as within the United States, VivaTerra facilitates handmade and fair-trade goods that are largely recycled, made from reclaimed materials, and 100 percent chemical-free. Offerings include furniture, home accessories, garden, dining items, and more.

VivaTerra Miniature Potted Citrus Trees $79
VivaTerra Hammered Drum Collection $199 $160

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