This Gorgeous Entertaining Idea Will Elevate Any Dinner Party


Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

When it comes to entertaining, the French adopt the same mantra as they do with fashion and interior design: It must be elegant yet effortless. It's this simple approach that attracted Elena Seegers, who grew up in the South of France, to the delicate art of edible flower pairing, a tradition that she says always looks impressive but is surprisingly fuss-free. "Edible flowers sound exotic and are trendy at the moment, but people have been cooking and eating blooms probably for as long as we hunter-gatherers have been picking berries," she tells MyDomaine.

When Seegers moved to New York to start bespoke floral service Le Fleuriste, she found that few people knew about edible flowers, and that many were eager to try the curious French tradition. "People are often intrigued and surprised," she says, noting that it's the perfect way to spark interest at a dinner party: "Flowers in and on food are always, without exception, a fabulous conversation starter."

If the thought of pairing edible blooms with cheese sounds challenging, don't be deterred. Seegers assures us that these flowers are easy to source, take moments to prepare, and will seriously impress guests. Upgrade your dinner party menu with these unexpected cheese and edible flower pairings—compliments are guaranteed.