17 Delectable Edible Gifts to Make This Holiday Season

Every year during the holidays, I go a little crazy making edible gifts. I love cooking for people, and it’s even more special to make a batch of ginger-chocolate cookies, stack them high in a clear plastic bag, tie it with velvet ribbon, and deliver it to a friend as a surprise—a little holiday cheer! Sometimes I make a gift with a certain person in mind, like homemade gin for a friend who loves to drink gin and tonics. Other times, I make a versatile gift, such as spiced almonds, and then bring a bag with me wherever I go. I’ll gift the almonds to a friend who  is hosting a cocktail party, the corner store owner who is always so nice to me, or my favorite hairstylist. The thing that always remains consistent from year to year is my love of making and giving creative and delicious edible gifts: I’ve made beef jerky, peppermint patties, Nutella, dulce de leche, and chocolate-covered bacon! To inspire you to take up the tradition of gifting handmade food during the holiday season, I’ve found 17 tantalizing edible gift recipes. Grab your apron and start cooking! 

What kind of edible gifts are you making this holiday season?