8 Breathable, Comfortable, and Eco-Friendly Face Masks the MyDomaine Editors Love

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Now that we've been dealing with COVID-19 for more than half the year (insane, right?), throwing on a face mask has become as routine as slipping on shoes as we walk out the door. Whether we're headed to the grocery store or just down the block for an iced coffee, they're part of our new everyday getup.

Finding the right mask—you know, one that adequately covers your mouth and nose, is breathable and comfortable, and adheres to CDC guidelines—isn't always an easy task, though. That's why we polled the editors of MyDomaine and The Spruce to see which brands have worked well for them.

If you're sick of single-use surgical masks and want a machine-washable, eco-friendly alternative, these are the masks to shop now.

Parachute Face Masks

Parachute Face Masks

"I've always been a fan of Parachute for linens, but it turns out they're my new favorite face mask purveyors, too. I love the neutral colors—they go with everything I own, and the two ribbons instead of elastic make the mask easily adjustable. Plus when you buy a set of five, they'll donate a set to those in need through GetUsPPE and Safe Place for Youth."—Caroline Utz, associate editor

Tanya Taylor Protective Face Masks

Tanya Taylor Protective Face Masks

"I, like many others, finally came to terms with the mask-as-a-fashion-statement reality. If it's something I'll be wearing as often as sunglasses or earrings, you can bet by the end (is there an end?) of COVID, I'll have a robust collection of fabric masks. Of the several brands I've tried (Dippin' Daisy's and Clare V being honorable mentions), these are my favorite—adjustable nose strip, bright patterns, and breathable cotton...chef's kiss."—Caroline Mullen, The Spruce editor

Little Korboose Organic Cotton Face Mask

Little Korboose Organic Cotton Face Mask

"Truth be told, the first thing that attracted me to this mask was the pattern. I’m a sucker for anything with a neutral color palette and modern design! The minimalistic designs (choose from chevron, vines, leaves, and more) are printed on repurposed pieces of flour sack cotton. The flour sack cotton is durable and holds up well to frequent washing, but it still feels light and breathable during the summer. I also love that Little Korboose is a zero-waste company that uses dead stock to craft their goods. Nothing goes to waste!"—Katherine Louie, commerce editor

Christy Dawn The Sustainable Mask

Christy Dawn Face Masks

"Sustainability is something I always try to keep in mind when purchasing an item, and a few weeks into the pandemic, I knew I needed to purchase a reusable mask to end the amount of waste I was contributing using a new disposable face mask every time I had to step outside.

Christy Dawn is a brand I really love, so when I saw this face mask set and realized they were using dead stock materials to make them, I knew I had to purchase. They are extremely good quality (I've had them for months now and they've handled daily hand washes very well) and since masks have become a part of my daily routine, I wanted a really pretty set that I'd enjoy wearing everyday."—Kim Carvalho, associate social media editor

Joah Love Seersucker Face Mask

Joah Love Seersucker Blue Face Mask

"If a soft T-shirt is your favorite piece of clothing then the Joah Love masks are right for you. These feel smooth on the face and have yet to cause a breakout on my sensitive skin. My 4-year-old also has no trouble wearing the kid-sized ones which is a testament to their comfort."—Dwyer Frame, senior editorial director, commerce

Juliet Rodriguez Adult Cloth Face Mask

Juliet Rodriguez Art Face Mask

"At the beginning of quarantine I searched high and low for a reusable, washable face mask that could fit my (apparently) small face. Everything I tried at first was too large and the straps were far too long, but then I came across this handmade mask on Etsy. Florida-based artist Juliet Rodriguez crafts her masks from cheery Rifle Paper Co. fabrics and she ships them with the elastic untied so you can fit the mask to your face."—Chelsea Stuart, senior commerce editor

Uniqlo AIRism Face Mask

Uniqlo AIRism Face Mask

"Full disclosure: I haven't actually tried Uniqlo's new AIRism face masks yet since they just launched this week, but I am anxiously awaiting their arrival at my door. They're designed to be easier to breathe in, but are also made with the same quick-drying AIRism fabric that the brand uses for some of its athleisure. And at three for $15, they're an amazing value for something I'll be using every day."—Karli Bendlin, email editor

Old Navy Variety 5-Pack of Triple-Layer Cloth Face Masks

Old Navy 5-Pack Face Masks

"Considering that masks will be part of our daily routine for months to come, I'm at the point where I want to match my masks to my outfits. I feel like I've bought quite a few packs, never quite satisfied, and split them up amongst my family members. I randomly came across this five-pack from Old Navy (of all places) that costs less than $3 a mask thanks to a late night Facebook scroll! I don't think I've ever hit buy so quickly.

I chose a pink and blue tie-dye set that came with two solid colors, but there are so many color combinations to choose from. They're made of three layers of cotton, still feel lightweight, and have adjustable loops. Kids sizes are available too. Old Navy's website says there may be delays in shipping, but I chose to Buy Online and Pick Up In Store (to also avoid shipping fees) and they were available for me to come and pick up the very next morning."—Jaclyn Turner, associate news and deals editor

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