Editors' Cravings: Hot Home Essentials

Peter-01 NAME:  Peter Dolkas  DESIGN STYLE: Santa Barbara Scandinavian  VISITOR'S REACTIONS:  "I love your rug!"  (It's a cut-pile persian my brother found for me in Idaho, of all places)  WORDS TO LIVE BY:  Surround yourself with styles you love and ignore any pressure to decorate a certain way. The more eclectic the mix, the better.
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Handwoven Kilim Pillow Cover, $30, Sukan Golden Leaf Candle Sconce, $137, Bellacor Tall Glasses, $30, Kate Spade Saturday
Laurie-01 NAME: Laurie Trott  DESIGN STYLE:   Danish modern meets grandma's hand-me-downs  VISITOR'S REACTIONS:  "I love your china set!"  WORDS TO LIVE BY:  Serendipity!  I like the happy surprise of the unexpected find mixed with the usual suspects.
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Black Rya on Orange, $800, Brook&Lyn Cobble Hill Soho Sofa, $2495, ABC Carpet & Home Untitled, Price Upon Request, Daniel Clurman
Lola-01 NAME: Lola Gonzalez  DESIGN STYLE: Desaturated industrial femme  VISITOR'S REACTIONS: "There's more color here than we thought!"   WORDS TO LIVE BY:  Invest in classic pieces you're really in love with and play with the accents.
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Folding Brass Stool, $289, Douglas and Bec Smoked Little Pot of Gold, $90, Syma Small Works AJ Floor Lamp, $1098, DWR
Bitt-01 NAME: Britt Aboutaleb  DESIGN STYLE:  Classic with a twist.  VISITOR'S REACTIONS:  "This is so LA!"  WORDS TO LIVE BY:  Listen to your space.  I started with a clean slate when I moved to LA and took my time to find things I really loved and it really paid off
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Drinking Glasses, From $20 (Set of Six), ABC Carpet & Home Bleu Nature Nilleq Driftwood Cube, $1575, Barneys Morgan Sofa, $2956, Jayson Home
Esteban-01 NAME: Esteban Gonzalez  DESIGN STYLE:  Nuevo Deco: A mix of contemporary and midcentury Dutch, anchored by Art Deco.  VISITOR'S REACTIONS: "This is SO not what I was expecting."  I guess, it's a good thing? WORDS TO LIVE BY:  Edit, edit, edit, until it feels right...then edit again.
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Table Lamp, $1276, The Apartment Square Vide Poche, $695, Christofle Martin Olsen Clam Armchair, $44000, 1st Dibs
Photographs: 1.Courtesy of the The Zoe Report, 2. Luke Wooden, 3. The Coveteur, 4&5. Courtesy of Editor