8 Delicious Egg White Cocktails for Chic Weekend Brunches

An egg white cocktail called, Grapefruit Pisco Sour With Orange Bitters.

The Modern Proper 

If you're looking to up your at-home brunch game above the standard pancakes-and-syrup fare, not to worry: We have a few fresh ideas. Seeing as eggs are already a staple of many a breakfast spread, an egg white cocktail is a fancy upgrade to any staid O.J. brunch. The rich, velvety texture of egg whites makes for frothy, decadent cocktails befitting any pre-noon indulgence—and guests will feel extra-special knowing you've pulled out all the stops.

So the next time your brunch crew thinks you'll be serving up your usual mimosas, surprise them with one of these eight brunch-approved showstoppers.

Grapefruit & Vodka Shaken With Egg Whites and Muddled Mint

A grapefruit gin sour with muddled mint and egg white.
Cooks With Cocktails 

Grapefruit juice is said to be effective in burning fat by offsetting the insulin spike that follows after consuming extra carbohydrates. Bloggers Julie and Debbie, of Cooks With Cocktails, created this grapefruit juice, vodka, and egg white cocktail—and it's the perfect antidote to heavier brunch eats, such as eggs Benny, home fries, and French toast. Shake it up with muddled mint and garnish with a few mint sprigs for a super-refreshing, silky masterpiece.

Fresh-Squeezed Juice Made Easy

Separating seeds and pulp from citrus fruits is super-easy (and quick!) with an electric juicer. This one's spout delivers juice that flows directly into your vessel of choice, and the removable lid acts as a bowl for quick cleanup of discarded peels and rinds.

Grapefruit Pisco Sour With Orange Bitters

Grapefruit Pisco Sour with Orange Bitters
The Modern Proper

The edible pansy garnish on The Modern Proper's take on the classic Peruvian Pisco sour cocktail is really the icing on the cake: Bloggers Natalie and Holly swapped fresh lemons with grapefruit and traded aromatic Angostura bitters for orange. The result? A fresher, rounder beverage that will have guests immediately filling their glasses for seconds (and thirds).

Crystal Coupe Glasses

Traditionally used in serving Champagne, coupe glasses are the stemware of choice when you're looking to show off your mixology chops. This modern pair features handmade crystal stems with attractive V-shaped plunges for fancier drink presentations.

Lemon Chamomile Spring Cocktail

A lemon curd, egg white, and yogurt cocktail.

This bright, lemony Spring cocktail by Todd of HonestlyYUM counts egg white, yogurt, and (surprise!) lemon curd among its chief ingredients, with homemade chamomile syrup as the "secret" additive that ups everything else about a hundred notches. Its gin content is on the light side, too. And the texture? Pure velvet. Garnish with fresh-cut chamomile flowers for a mild, yet infinitely Instagram-worthy refreshment.

Every Bartender's Must-Have

Stainless-steel cocktail shakers help activate ice and create a frothier drink. This one's composed of hammered stainless-steel and is decorated with Juliska's signature woven-thread trim.

Lemon Lavender Gin Fizz

A purple drink called Lavender Lemon Gin Fizz.
The Charming Detroiter 

Sarah, of The Charming Detroiter, looked to her herb garden for inspiration in creating this fizzy lavender-and-lemon gin cocktail. The crisp, citrus-and-lavender combo delivers a vibrant, botanical flavor in a violet-tinged drink made smooth and creamy with just one egg white. (Its pretty hue comes from homemade lavender syrup.) It's tart and aromatic, making it an ideal midmorning companion.

Save The Syrup

Making a big batch of flavored syrup for just a couple of rounds of drinks? Don't let it go to waste: Decant it into an attractive vessel to save for another occasion.

Charred Grapefruit & Mezcal Paloma Sour

Charred Grapefruit and Mezcal Paloma Sour
The Modern Proper

Food blogger Holly, of The Modern Proper, charred up some grapefruit, swapped tequila for smoky mezcal, and topped it with whipped egg whites for this grown-up, edgier version of the Paloma, a classic Mexican cocktail.

Skewer In Style

This set of six cocktail picks is certainly the bee's knees. (Sorry, we couldn't resist.) Made of glass and enamel and bedecked in glimmering rhinestones, they're chic, reusable alternatives to those standard bamboo throwaways.

Red Wine Gin Sour

Egg-White Gin Cocktails
Hummingbird High

This inventive Red Wine Gin Sour recipe was first published in the 2016 cookbook Tasting Rome, by co-authors Katie Parla and Kristina Gill. And instead of shaking it up with a metal cocktail shaker and Hawthorne strainer to make the egg white extra-foamy (as instructed in the original recipe), blogger Michelle Lopez, of Hummingbird High, used a plain old Mason jar and yielded the same results. Fresh-squeezed lemon juice balances out the sweetness of the elderflower liqueur and simple syrup, and pouring the red wine over a spoon creates an impressive ombré effect.

Show It Off

Lopez suggests serving this cocktail in a tall, transparent glass, such as a Collins or highball glass. She used an Irish coffee mug to best showcase its amazing color.

Cranberry Paper Plane Sour

Craft & Cocktails 

Bartender Ashley Rosé of Craft & Cocktails created a wintry cranberry sour based on the Paper Plane, a classic aperitivo that combines bourbon, amaro, Aperol, and lemon juice. Cranberry syrup gives it nice tang (and makes it pink) while one egg white creates requisite frothiness. Rosé adds whole berries, edible flowers, and a miniature folded-paper plane as a festive garnish.

Gorgeous Garnish

Pick up a package of edible flowers to guarantee your next signature cocktail is both sublimely beautiful and, well, good enough to eat.

Aged Eggnog Cocktail

Aged Eggnog Cocktail
Salt & Wind

This ain't your grandma's nog. Aida Mollenkamp, of Salt & Wind, adapted her aged eggnog recipe from the now-defunct CHOW Magazine, to create a lighter, not-too-sweet version of this holiday classic. You'll taste all the usual suspects—Irish whiskey, dark rum, Cognac—and wait until you're just about to serve it to whip in the egg whites and heavy cream. To properly age, she suggests making a batch on or around Thanksgiving and simply leaving in the back of your refrigerator until Christmastime.

Ice, Ice Baby

Yes, you can recreate those fancy-schmancy, perfectly-formed cubes they serve in hoity-toity bars. A silicone ice mold keeps them odor-free (especially if it comes with a handy lid that slides over the top). Bonus: you can stack things on top of it, too, without marring the frozen goodness inside.

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