7 Delicious Egg-White Cocktails for Chic Weekend Hangs

If you're looking to level up your at-home brunch game beyond the simple pancakes-and-mimosas routine, we've got a few fresh ideas under our cap. Seeing as eggs are already a staple of many a breakfast spread, egg-white cocktails are an easy upgrade to execute with already on-hand ingredients. From flips to fizzes, the rich, velvety texture of lovely egg-white based libations are a decadent treat befitting any morning indulgence. We've assembled a list of our very favorite online recipes to shake things up in the morning cocktail department.

The best part? We can personally assure you these inventive and delicious concoctions taste every bit as good as they look. Egg-white cocktails tend to require a bit more finesse and prep time than your average brunch cocktail set. We promise the extra effort is well worth it. The next time you have the gang over for bellinis, send in a surprise cameo from any one of these seven summer showstoppers. Why not wake up to happy hour?

Have a favorite brunch cocktail recipe? Let's hear it in the comments below. Cheers!