People With This Core Quality Are Sure to Succeed, Says Editor Elizabeth Graves

Welcome to MyDomaine Mentor, a career series that gives you a direct line to smart, successful women who are leaders in their field. Each month, we announce a new mentor on social media and ask for your burning career questions. In April, we tapped fashion designer Cynthia Rowley to find out how she ventures outside her comfort zone; this month, we called on Elizabeth Graves, editor in chief of Martha Stewart Living. Don't have a mentor? We've got you covered.

When Elizabeth Graves started her career as a journalist, working at the helm a major women's magazine was just a pipedream. "I always really wanted to work at Martha Stewart Living, which is ironic now," the editor in chief tells us.

Her path to the top job wasn't always clear-cut, though. When Graves decided she wanted to be a journalist, she approached her local newspaper for a job. "I noticed they didn't have anyone writing about food and restaurants at the time, [so] I basically begged them to let me write for them and practically did it for free," she recalls. "It was about seeing an opportunity and starting small. I just asked them to take a chance!"

An advocate of chasing experience over a job title, she then left newspapers for magazines, working at Allure, Self, and Real Simple. "I'm always grateful that I took a meandering path to get to Martha Stewart Living," she says. "I'm glad that I had exposure to all these different topics because it makes you more well-rounded."

Ahead, we called on Graves to answer the career questions you shared on social media. Here's how she starts her day, juggles motherhood with managing a team, and more. Consider this your direct line to one of the best in the business.