Supermodel Elle Macpherson Shares the Secrets to Her Ageless Complexion

Updated 05/07/19
Elle Macpherson
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Elle Macpherson is one of those people who we wouldn't be surprised to learn has access to the fountain of youth. The Aussie supermodel first rose to fame in the '80s, and since then, she hasn't seemed to age a bit. Macpherson attributes her glowing skin to what she puts into her body, more so than any luxe anti-aging product.

"If we manage the interior of our bodies on a cellular level and nourish our bodies with all the vitamins and nutrients it needs, it really has a fantastic effect on the skin," she tells Mindbodygreen. According to her, nutrition is the key to looking and feeling her best. Keep reading to find out exactly what she eats and drinks to maintain her supermodel looks and shop a few healthy cooking essentials along the way.

She pays attention to the timing of her meals

"One of the most important things for me is giving my digestion a good rest," she explains. That means eating breakfast a bit later in the day, instead of first thing in the morning, especially when she knows she'll be eating a late dinner. It's her own take on intermittent fasting, which typically involves doing a short-term fast throughout the day and night to aid fat loss, reduce inflammation, and improve cardiovascular health.

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She starts the day off with a hot water and lemon

Macpherson likes to start each morning with a glass of warm water with a bit of lemon. While it's not a new concept, lemon water is thought to have a host of benefits, from boosting your metabolism to kick-starting your digestive system. 

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She makes green juice

After her daily fix of lemon water, the supermodel makes her own green juice with ingredients like garlic, ginger, turmeric, parsley, cilantro, cucumber, celery, kale, lemon, apple, broccoli sprouts, pea sprouts, and a plant-based superfood supplement. "It's filled to the brim with live nutrients," she says.

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She eats a vegetable-heavy diet

Macpherson tells Mindbodygreen that she frequently turns to foods like tahini, nut cheese, fish, eggs, vegetable pasta, and lots of vegetables. Packed with vitamins and nutrients, vegetables clearly play a role in her naturally glowing skin that doesn't seem to age.

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She stays hydrated

"I believe if everyone starts drinking two to three liters of water a day, it'd make a huge difference," Macpherson says. She swears that hydration is the secret to her youthful skin and likes to dress up her water with ingredients like lemon, cayenne, and turmeric.

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