The One Decorating Mistake Ellen DeGeneres Always Notices

Ellen DeGeneres Decorating Tips
Courtesy of ED Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres may grace our TV screens every afternoon (and our Facebook feeds whenever an adorable 5-year-old points out Russia on a map), but did you know that she also has quite the interior design background? With over a dozen renovations, a stunning home featured in Architectural Digest, a design show on HGTV, and even a home décor book under her belt, her decorating credentials rival some of the most prolific interior designers.

And she can now add two more credits to her ever-growing list of accomplishments in this arena: a furniture collaboration with Thomasville and a new rug and accessories collection for Loloi. "My collection for Thomasville is inspired by the furniture I have in my own home," the TV host told MyDomaine. "I thought there was a need for more pieces that are functional but stylish, and I wanted to help people find that. Also, I needed a new end table."

While DeGeneres was clearly made for TV, decorating has always played an integral part in her life: "I've loved interior design for as long as I can remember," she told us. "I moved around a lot growing up, and I was always fascinated by the different styles of houses I lived in. Like most young children, I spent a lot of time weighing the pros and cons of wood paneling." Always equipped with her quick wit, DeGeneres answered MyDomaine's rapid-fire questionnaire on all things décor.

Curious to know her top decorating tips or the mistakes she always notices in other people's homes? Keep reading, because Ellen DeGeneres is about to tell all.

On her personal decorating style…

Ellen DeGeneres for Loloi
Courtesy of ED Ellen DeGeneres

I love a mix of old and new—antique mixed with modern. I find that to be more interesting rather than trying to match things closely. It's why I also think it's okay to wear stripes with plaid.

Loloi Ellen DeGeneres Trousdale Rug

Loloi Ellen DeGeneres Trousdale Rug (price on request)

On her top 3 decorating tips…

Ellen DeGeneres for Thomasville
Courtesy of ED Ellen DeGeneres

Do your research, take your time, and make all decisions sober.

Thomasville Ellen DeGeneres Bonnabel Metal and Stone Desk

Thomasville Ellen DeGeneres Bonnabel Metal and Stone Desk (price on request)

On sourcing unique antique pieces…

Ellen DeGeneres Decorating Tips — Antiques
Courtesy of ED Ellen DeGeneres

I look for just that—something unique and beautiful. I love finding things that clearly have a history. Then when I get home, I make up a fun story about them and tell it to party guests.

Thomasville Ellen DeGeneres La Brea Resin Top Drink Table

Thomasville Ellen DeGeneres La Brea Resin Top Drink Table (price on request)

On the decorating mistakes she always notices…

Ellen DeGeneres Decorating Tips — Mistakes
Courtesy of ED Ellen DeGeneres

Hanging their pictures too high, getting a sofa that's too big for the space, and not hanging a portrait of me over their fireplace.

Thomasville Ellen DeGeneres Cordell Spindle Bed

Thomasville Ellen DeGeneres Cordell Spindle Bed (price on request)

On getting your home featured in Architectural Digest …

Ellen DeGeneres Architectural Digest
William Abranowicz / Art+Commerce

Well, obviously I can't tell you my secret because then everyone else would start doing it. Nice try, pal.

Loloi Ellen DeGeneres Brody Slate Throw

Loloi Ellen DeGeneres Brody Slate Throw (price on request)

On what she predicts will be the next big trend…

Ellen DeGeneres Decorating Tips — 2018 Trends
William Abranowicz / Art+Commerce

My entire collection of furniture, rugs, and assorted décor.

Loloi Ellen DeGeneres Gramercy Graphite Rug

Loloi Ellen DeGeneres Gramercy Graphite Rug (price on request)

Next up: Ellen DeGeneres's home is for sale for a cool $45 million. Who's buying?

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