You'll Be Seeing This Shade of Green in Every Kitchen Come 2019

After unveiling the first room, the master bedroom last week, we're thrilled to reveal the striking kitchen from Emily Henderson's much-anticipated Portland project. And while the "updated traditional" design is jaw-dropping, it's actually the gorgeous green cabinet color that has our retinas really dilated. In fact, we'll go so far as predicting this to be the next big kitchen cabinet color trend in 2019.

So what is this divine hue in question? It's the Sherwin-Williams pewter green in the emerald satin enamel finish, to be exact, but we think it resembles the color of our favorite silver dollar eucalyptus leaf with that perfect combination of green, blue, and a hint of gray. Henderson tells us she designed the Portland project from L.A., which she says was not easy or something she'd recommend if you're a renovation newbie, but that didn't stop her from creating some renovation magic.

"I could have made it easier on myself and done something basic and simple, but I wanted this to be special and bold," she explains. Well, we have to say, Henderson you nailed this one. Read on to hear more about her design process and shop the look to create your own dream kitchen.