You Won't Believe the Before Pictures of This Light-Filled Family Home

Interior designer Emily Henderson knows her way around a home makeover. While she's used to filming for HGTV shows or having months to pull off entire home renovations, Henderson recently undertook a special surprise home makeover for a deserving family—a single mother named Liz and her four children. While there was some planning in advance, Henderson and her team pulled off the actual design process in seven hours flat, and the results are absolutely stunning.

Before Henderson and her team got to work, the home featured dated curtains, dirty carpet, and clutter that left the space feeling dark and drab. "When I first saw the photos, I remember thinking that Liz had done a decent job. … But there is always room for extra love, styling, and organization, and that’s really what we intended on doing," Henderson writes on her blog.

Aside from the large gray sectional couch, the wooden dining table, the white bookshelves, and a family heirloom painting of a sailor, Henderson completely transformed the family's living room, home office, and dining room with new furnishings and décor. The final results display the power of simple, affordable upgrades like a clean carpet, Roman shades, and subtle storage solutions. Keep scrolling for a look at all of the shocking before-and-after images.