We Gave Emily Henderson $100 at Target—This Is What She Bought

When it comes to style, Emily Henderson has it in spades. The interior design star has seriously perfected the art of the high/low look, pairing designer pieces and high street finds with ease and finesse—have you seen how she styles a nightstand? But seriously, Henderson has an insane eye for detail—even her Halloween picks are chic—and we all want to know the secret to making low-cost look luxe like she does.

So we tasked her with a challenge. Armed with only $100 per room, Henderson showed us how she would refresh every room in the house using only Target products, and the results were astounding. In fact, we guarantee you’ll want to purchase every single piece. Which, by the way, if you did, would cost you less than $500. Intrigued? Ahead, Henderson lists the Target pieces she’d buy to elevate every room in the house for less than $100. 

Living Room

Tessa Neustadt for Emily Henderson

As the one place in the house where guests frequent most, making a stylish statement is important, but you don’t want to spend a fortune keeping it fresh. Henderson shows you how a few chic and affordable updates can make a huge difference, without breaking the bank. 

Target Black/White Tassel Throw Blanket $25

“A good throw blanket will go a long way when it comes to styling. I love this one because of the combo of the graphic stripes and the fringed tassels—it’s both playful and sophisticated (which is what I aspire to be). Throw it over a bench on a sofa, or on your reading chair for some instant style,” Henderson says.

Target Blue Wide Stripe Oblong Throw Pillow $18

“Everyone’s pillow game could use an upgrade, and this one is great because of its small rectangular shape. Mix it with some solid larger friends, and you have yourself a great combo,” Henderson says.

Target Small Ceramic Vase $17

“This vase can live just as beautifully on its own as with flowers. It is currently in my house on my coffee table, and I LOVE it,” Henderson says.

Target Wood & Marble Inlay Tray $27

“No one likes remotes and technology but we all have it, so keep your space feeling clean by corralling it all in a tray,” Henderson says.


Tessa Neustadt for Emily Henderson

There’s one room in the house we can all count on for respite and sanctuary when we need it most: the bedroom—these zen bedrooms are the perfect escape. If your boudoir is in need of an upgrade, then Henderson’s elevated finds will transform it from so-so to whoa for only $90.

Target Metal Table Lamp $45

“When these guys came out, I ran to my local Target to grab two, as I knew they would come in handy for so many shoots and projects. They are just the right size and shape to glam up any nightstand,” Henderson says.

Target Throw Blanket $22

“A simple but beautiful throw you can toss at the end of your bed to add texture to your boudoir setup,” Henderson says.

Target Stitched Stripe Sham $18

“Making a bed in the morning isn’t fun, but if you have pretty pillows with some structure (like these gray shams), you can quickly pull it together and feel good about the way it looks,” Henderson says.

Target Hand Made Modern Ceramic Planter $5

“Just the right size for some fresh cut blooms on your nightstand or dresser,” Henderson says.


Jess Isaac for Emily Henderson

As a high-traffic area, the bathroom can tend to outdate the quickest. Décor items appear older faster, thanks to general wear and tear, and the steam from your daily shower moves things along too. With Henderson’s budget selects, you can afford to give it a mini facelift.

Target Marble Soap/Lotion Dispenser White $11

“I am new at the ‘decanting’ thing, but I recently put all my soaps in pretty pumps, and I can’t tell you how much happier it makes me every time I use them. Fill these guys up with whatever you need and toss the store-bought plastic packaging the soap came in,” Henderson says.

Target Marble Canister White $11

“Everyone needs more storage in their bathroom and this is a pretty option. You can keep it out all the time and hide away all those things you don’t want everyone to see,” Henderson says.

Target Fouta Bath Towel Collection $22

“The quickest way to give your bathroom a facelift is to replace all those dingy old towels you’ve been using for so long. I love these Turkish-inspired towels,” Henderson says.

Target Round Mirror Brass $50

“The number of times I’ve used this mirror is insane, but it’s so good for the price and it’s such a good size—it always works. If you can, swap out your mirror for a smaller, more shapely one like this to elevate the whole room,” Henderson says.


Tessa Neustadt for Emily Henderson

Keeping the kitchen clean and minimal is key. This is one space you don’t want to look tired or dirty. Aside from a coat of paint every now and then, your kitchen will require a few simple upgrades throughout the year to make sure it always stays stylish and hygienic. 

Target Cutting Board $30

“I love how thick and heavy this guy is. He is also pretty enough to display when you’re not using him,” Henderson says.

Target Dobby Terry Kitchen Towel $3

“It might be time to get rid of your old dish towels and swap them out for these simple but beautiful ones. They come in just about every color which means they work well with almost any style,” Henderson says.

Target Izon Flatware 5-piece Set $20

“I use these in my own kitchen, and I love them. If you haven’t had a matching set of flatware in years, then maybe these guys are the perfect excuse to finally get a few sets,” Henderson says.

Target Globe Pendant Lamp $45

“If you have an island or eat-in kitchen, then this guy is a perfect fit to bring in some style. You’d be surprised how different the whole room will feel with some new lighting,” Henderson says.

Target Gathered Brass Knob $8

“If you don’t have the budget to replace your cabinets, try swapping out the knobs and giving them a fresh coat of paint. You’ll be glad you did,” Henderson says.

Dining Room

Zeke Ruelas for Emily Henderson

When you’re busy, finding the time to plan dinner parties can be challenging. But these delicious gatherings with our closest friends are what we all live for, right? So to make things simple, take Henderson’s advice, and invest in the key pieces that will make it a night to remember.

Target Dinnerware 16-Piece Set $50

“White is everyone’s friend when it comes to setting the table. You can mix and match different sets and still have it feel cohesive. I love these simple pieces, which work for any occasion,” Henderson says.

Target Windsor Metal Stack Club Chair $39

“The price, lines, and look of these are so good. Grab these while you still can. I love this updated and modern take on the Windsor chair,” Henderson says.

Target Large Braid Charger Tan $6

“I still love a good placemat moment. This charger is a stylish option if you’re wanting to change things up. The neutral color also means you can style it with some fun pieces on the table,” Henderson says.

Target Chambray Napkin with Fringe $10

“There is nothing worse than hosting a party and feeling embarrassed of the paper towels you just gave to your guests to wipe their faces with. Do yourself a favor, and invest in some cloth napkins like these. Your guests will thank you,” Henderson says.

Do you agree with Emily’s picks? What are your favorite pieces from Target? Share them with us!

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