12 Decorating Secrets a Target Stylist Knows—That You Don't

If there's one decorating tip interior designer, Emily Henderson has learned throughout her successful career, it's don't take it too seriously. You really get a sense of that mentality in her Second Life podcast interview. "Have fun with it," she tells me. "Every space should be inviting, comfortable, and filled with items and products that you love. As you decorate, don't forget to bring in your personality into the space. The pieces you never planned for or don't necessarily fit into your theme are usually the ones that level up a room."

As the Target home style expert, Henderson has truly mastered the high/low aesthetic, incorporating vintage with modern and affordable pieces with finesse. She seamlessly marries affordable pieces like throws, pillows, and rugs with high-end furniture pieces to make a statement in any room. Her favorite Target piece right now is the new Wingback Chair from the Threshold fall collection. "It's timeless due to its clean, simple lines that will be in style for years to come, but the narrow wood legs give it a midcentury feel, which adds a bit of edge," she says.

It's all well and good to see an expert curate this mix effortlessly, but how do we pull it off in our own homes? We asked Henderson to share some of her insider tips and decorating secrets on how to create a beautiful, functional space that is packed with personality and on a budget.