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The One Room Emily Hodge Will Never Forget

Moody gray bedroom with graphic black and white art.

Design: Emily Hodge; Photo: Kelsey Ann Rose 

Interior designers and other experts in the home industry work on an impressive number of spaces throughout their careers. But even if some of the makeovers and redesigns start to blend together after a few years, there are some rooms that are just truly unforgettable. 

So, to give designers a chance to revisit their favorite projects—and to bring you plenty of inspiration for your own home—we’re sharing the one room these pros will remember forever. For some, there’s a sentimental connection, for others, there was an obstacle they never thought they’d overcome. But no matter what, these rooms are worth remembering.

A Boerum Hill, Brooklyn bedroom was part of Emily Hodge’s first full-service project in New York City and remains one of her most memorable to date—and that’s not even including the fact that she began working on the space in early March 2020, right before the pandemic hit full-force. 

“There were so many special memories,” Hodge says of the design experience. “Visiting the upholstery workroom in Brooklyn, the massive NYC schlep, and the most gracious cab drivers who helped me haul accessories in and out of their cars.”

And as a bonus, she had a whole lot of freedom, too. “I had a very trusting client who put every little detail in my hands,” Hodge adds.

There were so many special memories. I had a very trusting client who put every little detail in my hands.

View of bedroom in a round mirror.

Design: Emily Hodge; Photo: Kelsey Ann Rose 

While working on the space, which she describes as cozy, clean, and hip, Hodge fell hardest for the wallpaper, mirror, and artwork she selected.

“Putting any felt texture on a wall creates a real feeling when you walk in—it’s luxurious and super cozy,” she notes. The mirror reflects her client’s beautiful outdoor space, and the art pieces above the bed “really just set the room off and made it one of a kind.” 

Her favorite furniture piece? The client’s storage bed. “In a Brooklyn condo, storage is scarce, so we picked up any linear footage possible,” Hodge explains. “The bed is so clean and timeless, he’ll have it forever!” 

Wooden nightstand in gray bedroom.

Design: Emily Hodge; Photo: Kelsey Ann Rose 

Hodge frequently continues to be inspired by this project.

“I constantly refer back to this room as a benchmark for my aesthetic,” she notes. “While my style has evolved, or ripened over time, I stay away from trends, sticking with classic lines and unique antiques that have stood the test of time.”