Emma Watson's Oscars Tattoo Is Getting Attention for the Wrong Reason

Updated 03/05/18
Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Emma Watson made a statement at the Oscars after-party with a big Time's Up temporary tattoo emblazoned on her forearm, but the actress and activist is getting attention for another reason. As Huffington Post points out, Watson's cursive tattoo has one glaring mistake: It's missing an apostrophe. It's a slightly embarrassing blunder for the 27-year-old Brown graduate, but nonetheless, Watson succeeded in making sure the Time's Up movement is still at the forefront of Oscars coverage.

Harvey Weinstein accusers Ashley Judd, Salma Hayek, and Annabella Sciorra made sure the movement was top-of-mind, too. "The changes we are witnessing are being driven by the powerful sound of new voices, different voices, of our voices, who are joining together in a mighty chorus that is finally saying Time's Up," Judd said in her Oscars speech. "We work together to make sure that the next 90 years empower these limitless possibilities of equality, diversity, inclusion, intersectionality. That's what this year has promised us." With Watson's, Judd's, Hayek's, and Sciorra's strong voices, it seems like nothing can slow down this social movement—not even a Twitter frenzy–inducing grammatical error.

Jean-Baptiste Lacroix/Getty Images

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