The One Beverage You Should Never Drink

Everyone knows that certain beverages are better for your health than others. Sodas are pretty much a no-no but okay on occasion, fruit juices are less healthy than their name suggests, alcohol is best enjoyed in moderation, and nothing beats the purity of good old water. But the one beverage you should never drink?

Just think of the staple you used to slug during college all-nighters, the same drink that became your go-to vodka mixer to celebrate once finals were done. Ring a bell? That's right: Energy drinks still make the bad list, but it turns out that they're even worse than previously thought. It comes as no surprise that the caffeine-loaded sodas aren't great for your health, but recent findings make the situation even scarier. A British Medical Journal case report released Tuesday presents a disturbing case study involving a 50-year-old construction worker who developed acute hepatitis from drinking too many energy drinks. BMJ reports that while the drinks serve up a concoction of dubious chemicals, high niacin levels are to blame.

Grub Street's analysis of the findings notes that this isn't the first time we've witnessed someone come down with acute hepatitis from overindulging in energy drinks. In 2011, an otherwise healthy 22-year-old woman was diagnosed with the disease after drinking 10 cans a day for two weeks. The takeaway? We already know that energy drinks share similarities with cocaine and have been linked to death. Now that it appears excessive consumption can destroy your liver, it looks like any previous doubters are long overdue for cutting the dangerous drink out of their diet.

How do you get a boost of energy without relying on unsafe energy drinks? Share your recommendations for healthy alternatives in the comments.