Don't Sweat Your Engagement Party—These 26 Ideas Make It a Snap

cute engagement party ideas
Megan Sorrel

Getting engaged is something worth celebrating, and there is no shortage of opportunities to raise a glass. From dress shopping to the bachelorette party, to cake tasting, it’s all one big party leading up to the main event. What better way to start the entire process than with an engagement party commemorating your new status? Now, the thought of throwing another party on top of the wedding can be nothing short of overwhelming, but whether you’d like an intimate affair or a more extravagant gathering, engagement parties are the perfect opportunity to bring everyone together and set the tone for the main event.

So whether you decide on an over-the-top party or a more understated debut, read on for some creative engagement party ideas.

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Set the Tone With Your Invites

Engagement Party Ideas
Jose Villa

Whether you’re planning a casual housewarming or a more formal affair, your invites will set the tone and let your guests know what to expect. Unlike a wedding invite that’s made up of multiple pieces, an engagement invite can consist of a single one-sheet detailing specifics of the event—but feel free to get as creative as you like.

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Have a Color Scheme

engagement party

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Having a color scheme, with an engagement party that matches the wedding invite, is always a clever way to tie them together.

If you used an image on the wedding invites, incorporate that into the engagement party.

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Give Guests a Cocktail for Toasting

engagement party cocktails
Tec Petaja

Greet guests with your favorite beverage so they are more than ready to toast to your happily ever after. This is a celebration, after all.

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Have a Champagne Bar

champagne bar

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Have a DIY Champagne bar with your favorite juices and alcohol for guests to build their own sparkling cocktail. Decorate it with flowers or ribbons.

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Serve Popsicles in Champagne

champagne popsicles

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Who doesn't love fruit popsicles in glasses of Champagne? It's a refreshingly welcome libation.

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Keep It Casual

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Do your version of casual, whether that’s a backyard barbecue or a more formal affair. A couple of simple appetizers, a main course, and dessert to follow are more than enough.

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Set Up Stations

party food

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A sit-down dinner isn't always necessary. To make the event even simpler, try setting up food and drink stations instead, so guests are free to mingle as they nosh.

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Add Candlelight

Romantic Engagement Party Ideas
Jessica Loren

Candlelight is the perfect way to add a touch of romance to your celebration. Use single candles spaced throughout the table, or set them up in clusters, using a variety of sizes and shapes to add interest.

Candles also make for a pretty centerpiece if you’re looking to skip the usual florals.

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Host a Brunch


The College Housewife

There’s one meal you just can’t argue with: brunch. It’s a people-pleaser, filled with diverse guest favorites from sweet tooth–satisfying waffles to savory avocado toast—not to mention, it’s a great excuse to indulge in mimosas of every variety.

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Choose a Theme

beach party

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This isn't necessary, but a theme helps tie all the décor, food, and music together. It also helps give guests an idea of what to wear.

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Customize Little Details

engagement party
Evoke; COOKIES: Sugar Studio

Don’t be afraid to differentiate your party from other festive affairs with hints of wedding-inspired items, especially ones that are a nod to you and your S.O. Include a few special items that help tell your love story, like airplane cookies if you were in a long-distance relationship.

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Make It Seasonal

best engagement party ideas
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Typically, engagement parties are far less formal than the main event, so you have more options when it comes to the menu. Serve the things you love now, and save the raw bar for later. You can never beat farm-to-table fare.

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Don't Overshadow the Main Event

cute engagement party ideas
Megan Sorrel

Your engagement party should be the event leading up to your wedding, not the one that overshadows it. Keep florals and décor understated so you have something left in your arsenal.

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Host at the Beach

beach party

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Enjoy some serious fun in the sun and celebrate on the beach. A more casual event like this is an especially good idea if you're having a more formal wedding, so you get the best of both worlds.

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Rent Food Trucks

food truck

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Have a food truck at your venue to serve guests. It's a much more relaxed take on regular catering.

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Reserve a Private Room at a Restaurant

women at dinner

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If you don't want to host a big event, you can always opt for inviting a few close friends to your favorite restaurant. Book a private room to make it special.

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Rent an Airbnb for the Weekend

birthday celebration

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Booking an overnight stay at a nearby Airbnb is a great way to keep the party going all weekend. Even if you're in your hometown, you can still feel like you're on a getaway with your closest pals as they celebrate you and your partner.

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Have a Tea Party

high tea

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Attend high tea at a luxury hotel or throw your own tea party, complete with cucumber sandwiches and bite-sized sweet treats. To make it feel more like a celebration, opt for Champagne with your tea.

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Serve Big-Batch Cocktails

Paloma fizz
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Big-batch cocktails—what's not to love? Let guests be their own mixologists. Set out seasonal garnishes that allow them to mix and match. Bonus points if you have one signature cocktail for the bride and another for the groom.

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Serve Food Family Style

how to throw a party at home
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Again, this party is a casual affair, so no need to be too stuffy with a plated, coursed meal. Serve food like charcuterie, salad, and pasta family style.

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Get Live Music

house party
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But keep it fun. Hire a DJ to mix beats you and friends can dance the night away to.

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Serve Your Favorite Junk Foods

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The formal foods will come at your wedding, so use this opportunity to serve up your favorite indulgent eats, like fries, milkshakes, and pizza. Your guests will love the relaxed vibe.

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Have a Photo Booth

photo booth

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Is there anything more fun than dressing up with props and getting in a photo booth? This is going to be an event you want to remember, so make sure there's evidence it happened.

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Try a Dessert Table

Jose Villa

Sure, you may reuse this one at your wedding, but no one will ever turn down a dessert table. Include an array of delectable desserts, from cakes to cookies and candy.

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Have Lawn Games


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Throwing a party outside? Lawn games are an absolute must. Include croquet and cornhole so your guests always have something to do.

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Curate the Guest List

engagement party

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Not everyone coming to the wedding needs to be invited to the engagement party. Curate your list and get it down to a group of interesting people who will interact well with one another.