3 Entertaining DIYs Guaranteed to Make Your Guests Smile

Seeking DIY inspiration for our next shin-dig, we fell had for these three clever ideas on personalizing your party.

Entertaining DIY1Trophy Wine Bottle Stoppers

Relive your glory days with this kitschy way of recycling your favorite trophies. A new cork, Super Glue, and a shining reminder of your athletic or musical accomplishments are all you need to be an all-star host.

crafts-coasters-0513-xlnCeramic Tile Polaroid Coasters

Plain white ceramic tiles, easily sourced from any home improvement or craft store, receive a stylish upgrade with color photos positioned to look like Polaroids. Mod Podge, sealant, and your favorite snaps are the keys to getting the look.

Entertaining DIY3Personalized Solo Cups

A fun spin on the popular wine charm, use contact paper to transfer photos onto clear Solo Cups so there will be no mistaking whose drink is whose. Also a great idea for a large party with a guest of honor, think: showers, birthdays, or a backyard graduation bash.

Photographs: Courtesy of Country Living and Camille Styles