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20 Best Entry Table Décor Ideas for a Great First Impression

Entryway table

Design: Ariel Okin, Photo: Alberto Zanetti

Whether you're a fan of minimalism or have the perfect theme mastered to express your personality, there's one place that many designers often overlook: the entryway. Since this space sets the tone of your home, make an impression with style from the moment your guests step through the front door. Entrance tables are a great way to organize your necessities, declutter, and decorate with your favorite accent pieces to welcome you home. We caught up with celebrity interior designer Ariel Okin to learn the expert's tips on styling a chic entryway.

Whether your style is traditional, feminine, modern, or anything in between, get inspired with these entry table décor ideas to transform your space.

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Incorporate a Touch of Greenery


Pure Collected Living

Plant parents, take note: Placing plants and leaf cuttings on your entry table adds an organic element to the space. To balance out the height of tall greenery, add smaller decorations like this rustic bowl and a short stack of books. "Living things always make a house feel like a home—they are a thoughtful gesture that shows someone lives here," says Okin.

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Utilize Smart Storage


Alberto Zanetti ; Design: Ariel Okin

If you live in an apartment or you're short on space, opt for a piece of furniture with built-in storage to display decorative items on the surface while utilizing drawers for other necessities. "This is the best way to minimize clutter in high-traffic areas," Okin says. Knick knacks from your travels or growing collections of your favorite items are great pieces to display on entry tables.

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Hang a Mirror


Whittney Parkinson Design

"Everyone likes to get one last glance in before heading out the door," Okin says. "Plus, mirrors reflect light and make a space feel bigger." Classic round mirrors add an element of class with a modern flair, while larger square mirrors are better for those last-minute style checks (and selfies, of course). Let the mirror shine and keep everything else simple: Matching table lamps, a curated stack of books, and other small decorative items make perfect complements for the star of the space.

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Aim for Balance


JK Interior Living

If you're not quite sure what to do with your décor, try to create a balanced display in your entryway. "Symmetry isn't as important as overall balance," Okin says. "Pair a heavier coffee table book—or a decorative box, for example—with a lighter vase or a thinly-rimmed brass mirror. The dichotomy is what makes interiors really interesting." In this well-balanced space, the designer kept it simple with matching sconces, a lush vase of flowers, and an entry table with character.

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Get Glamorous


Amy Bartlam

A statement-making lamp livens up this trendy entryway. Complete with gilded home accessories, this space boasts just the right amount of glamour without sacrificing its sleek, clean look. "Materials like brass, lucite, leather, and marble always turn up the glam factor in a decidedly 'Hollywood Regency' space," Okin says.

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Keep Colors Consistent


Whittney Parkinson Design

When you're curating your space, choose a color scheme that you want to come home to every day. Then edit your entryway accordingly: Small piles of books, paintings, or decorative accents are an easy way to incorporate your color palette of choice. "I'm a bit of a magpie when it comes to tchotchkes in my home, but for someone who wants an immaculate, well-edited look, choose a color palette that riffs on the rest of the house," Okin says.

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Embrace Your Dark Side


Amy Bartlam

As far as we're concerned, this moody entryway is the perfect place to experiment with darker colors. The curated black, gold and gray colors keep the table décor cohesive without competing with bolder wallpaper. "A gorgeous dark statement wallpaper can always do the trick to make the entryway more interesting," Okin suggests.

If wallpaper might overwhelm your design, opt for a dark paint color on a statement wall instead.

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Try a Clear Look


JK Interior Living

Make the most of a small space with an entryway table made of clear materials like glass. Decorate it with an elegant lamp, a few small plants, and a traditional mirror to keep the vignette simple. "Lucite and acrylic tables disappear wherever you put them," Okin says. "If you're trying to create the illusion of more space, they're always a good bet in that scenario."

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Go Scandinavian


Amy Bartlam

If you're not much for maximalism, take a cue from Scandinavian-inspired design. "Keep the palette clean and monochrome—and the accessories to a minimum—to achieve this sleek, palette-cleansing vibe." This entryway is a great inspiration to stick with the basics: A modern lamp, a stack of reading materials, and a bit of greenery are all that's needed to style this statement-making space.

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Make It Simple


House 9

For an elegant, classic look, keep your entry table simple with a vase of fresh-cut flowers. This space was styled with a traditional double sconce to divide the space between the kitchen and living areas, and a neutral trim color that blends with the overall room. To make the table stand out without making a bold statement, the designer chose a gray paint color a few shades darker than the walls.

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Express Your Personality


House 9

There's nothing like walking into a home that expresses the owner's personal charm. This textured black entry table adds storage for necessities while creating a space to display unique items. Although there are plenty of different colors in the small area, shades like burnt orange are blended throughout the décor to keep things uniform while allowing brighter colors to stand out.

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Highlight Architecture


Jessica Nelson

If you're lucky enough to have unique architecture in your entryway, choose a table that exaggerates those elements while bringing attention to decorations. This curved entry table highlights the rounded staircase while blending white tones with the walls. A striped pattern makes it stand out against its background and adds texture to the modern space.

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Keep Things Natural


Amy Bartlam

A neutral color scheme complements the earthy elements of this welcoming entryway. Simple whites paired with warm tones in a clay vase, worn-wood table, and woven basket tie the space together. Add texture with dried flowers and painted accents to give your space a natural vibe.

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Be Light and Airy


Jessica Nelson

This textured wood entry table is the perfect piece to complement the all-white design of this foyer. With a uniform color scheme, soft pink tones warmly shine against a bright background. A woven basket and fresh flowers add texture to the soothing space.

When choosing frames for wall art in all-white spaces, pick tones that blend with other accents and colors inside the artwork.

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Use Bold Artwork


Studio KT

While it's easy to get lost in the architecture of this stunning space, a large piece of wall art draws the eye further into the room—making this entryway as inviting as it is stylish. Bold, dark tones in the painting contrast neutral tones, while the entry table perfectly matches the home's front door and trim. A simple addition of white vases keeps the space looking clean and modern without feeling bare.

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Go Full Maximalist


Erin Williamson

Maximalists, rejoice: The entryway is an excellent place to design your favorite pieces in style. "Be judicious in what you choose, but if you love all the pieces, it will show," Okin says. "Your personality will also shine through the assortment. I always prefer a tiny bit of kitsch!" Use your entry table to prominently display your most treasured items, and balance different shapes and sizes to tie the look together.

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Show Off Your Collections


Cathie Hong Interiors

This sleek entry table makes the perfect setting for showing off a unique collection of personal treasures. Its shiny top reflects each piece of décor while blending into the white walls of the space. Wooden wall hooks complement the natural tones of the table's drawers, and creatively-placed hardware adds a flair of modern design to the chic-but-boho room.

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Lead the Way


House 9

This simple entry table creates guiding lines along the wall that lead to the focal point: A bright-pink chair that's bursting with personality. Keeping table décor to a minimum adds interest while not taking away from the main piece in the room. If you have colorful statement pieces near the front of your home, choose soft colors that pair well with brighter tones like this aged blue table.

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Go Mid-Century


Jessica Nelson

Mid-century modern décor is a timeless design that lasts over generations. This warm wood table adds plenty of storage for keys, purses, hats, gloves, and all the other items you might need by the door—and it doesn't sacrifice a drop of style. Choosing warm wood picture frames that blend with the table's natural texture rounds out the design with natural elements.

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Make a Statement


Whittney Parkinson Design

This entry table is like no other. The natural wood, with textured grains left perfectly intact, curves around small stools that could make anyone want to sit to take it all in. An oversized golden mirror adds a dramatic element to blend earthy decorations with a glamorous shine.