The One Space You Shouldn't Forget to Give Design Attention

styled console table

Emily Del Bello

We get it: it's all too easy to overlook your home's entryway in favor of focusing on larger spaces like the kitchen or living room. But let's face it: the entryway is the first part of your house that you and your guests will see after walking through the front door, and therefore, you'll want to make sure that it's both stylish and orderly.

We spoke with New York City-based designer Emily Del Bello, who has plenty of guidance to offer when it comes to creating an entryway that wows. Below, Del Bello shares her go-to entryway styling tips and touches on what not to do in this space, too.

Now, get ready to create an entryway that will make you swoon every time you unlock the door after a long day.

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Keep Your Hallway Clear of Personal Items

minimalist console table

Emily Del Bello

It can be tempting to utilize the entryway as a dumping ground for mail, pet supplies, and items you need to return. But, you should try your best to keep your entryway nice and neat. "Most hallways and entryways can be tight, so it’s important to style these spaces with minimal clutter," Del Bello explains.

One of Del Bello's cardinal rules for what not to store in the entryway? Avoid showcasing personal items. "If personal items in a home start landing in the entry, it becomes very difficult to move away from this habit," she explains. "The entry should be an inviting open space to welcome people into the home, and who doesn’t love a bright clean welcome?"

Opting for a console table that also provides storage is an excellent move—Del Bello now offers custom consoles to house footwear.

"We created incredible shoe storage that is easily adjustable to fit all varieties of shoe styles," she explains. "We just measure the largest shoe size in the family and make sure it’s accommodated."

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Choose Bright Colors

bright painting in entryway

Emily Del Bello

As Del Bello noted before, an entryway is your home's chance to make a first impression. In that vein, why not go the cheery route? "Bright light colors are always nice for the entry," Del Bello says. "It’s a clean welcome and always has a fresh feel."

Here, a brightly-hued abstract painting and some colorful florals pair together nicely and are simple yet vibrant.

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Make a Splash With Florals

flowers in entryway

Emily Del Bello

While entryways should be functional, they can certainly incorporate pops of fun, too. One way to do so is by working in some greenery, whether it's real or faux. Del Bello enjoys incorporating pieces from her faux floral line, Emily By Emily, in her entryways. She notes that her clients appreciate going the faux route in this particular space.

"Once their entry is set up, they never have to worry about replacing or worry when people come over unexpectedly," she explains. "The florals are always ready to welcome guests."

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Hang Some Art or Mirrors

mirror in entryway

Emily Del Bello

Be sure to jazz up your entryway with artwork or mirrors, too. "Art and mirrors can create the perfect illusion of space in these areas while also spicing up the walls," Del Bello says.

And note that you certainly don't need to display an entire gallery wall to make an impact. "One or a few statement pieces will do the trick," Del Bello adds. "You don’t need to go overboard."

Not sure where to begin? Maybe that painting you picked up at the flea market or the photographs you purchased during a recent trip abroad were totally meant to live in your entryway.

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Work in Some Transitional Pieces

console table with stool

Emily Del Bello

"Incorporate transitional pieces that can easily be moved in and out of the space," Del Bello suggests. Stools or ottomans, for example, are always an excellent choice.

"We always like to opt for small seating or accessories that can be pushed under a console, brought out for guests, or simply swapped for the seasons," the designer adds. "This also makes the spaces feel more permanent and like they hold weight as their own designated room."