23 Entryway Rug Ideas That Will Set the Tone in Your Home

An entryway with minimal furniture, a large plant, and a printed rug that looks a little weathered

Design: Emily Henderson, Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

Your entryway is the first thing people see when they step inside your home. So naturally, you want to ensure it makes a great impression. Your storage furniture should be sleek and functional, your lighting should bring out the best in your space, and your seating should offer a cozy place to slip in and out of shoes. 

But your entryway rug has the toughest job of all: it should tie the room together—adding the pop of color, print, or texture your entryway needs to feel complete. This is a tall order for any decorative accent—and any decorator. But, there’s plenty of inspiration to help you pick the right rug for the job. Over the years, interior designers have crafted tons of stunning entryways, and they’ve left lots of great entryway rug ideas in their wake. 

Whether your entryway is a sprawling foyer, a sleek hallway, or a space-efficient mud room, there’s an entryway rug that’s perfectly suited for your space—and an entryway rug idea that’ll help you find it.

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Set the Scene With a Hardy Floor Mat

An entryway decorated with antique furniture and a small jute floor mat topped with boots

Ashley Montgomery Design

Don’t have space for an entryway rug and a traditional doormat? Split the difference with a hardy floor mat. By snagging a rug made of a tough material, like jute, sisal, or nylon, you can invite houseguests to wipe off their shoes—while dressing up your entryway.

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Sneak in a Subtle Pop of Color

A large foyer with white walls, blonde wood accents, black furniture, and a sage green printed rug

LeClair Decor

When it comes to rugs, it’s tempting to go bold. But your pop of color needn’t be loud to make an impact. So take a look around your space, and choose your palette-changer accordingly. If your foyer is filled with neutrals—like black, white, and beige—even a soft accent color, like sage green, can turn heads.

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Pair Your Rug With Matching Throw Pillows

An entryway with a round mirror, a wooden bench, a colorful abstract rug, and matching abstract throw pillows

Cathie Hong Interiors

Your entryway rug doesn’t exist in a vacuum—at least, it doesn’t have to. By adding a bench to your entryway and snagging some pillows that match your rug, you can turn your standalone statement-maker into a standout decor scheme.

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Turn Your Rug Diagonally

An entryway decorated with a wooden console table and a purple printed rug tilted toward the kitchen in an adjacent room

Design: Emily Henderson, Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

There are lots of ways to orient your rug in your entryway. But one unexpected option? Turn it diagonally. If your foyer leads to two different spaces, tilt your rug toward one of them. This surprising choice is sure to draw the eye—plus, it’ll suggest a natural way for traffic to flow through your space.

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Trade Your Rectangular Rug for a Round One

A white-filled entryway decorated with a round woven rug

Calimia Home

When looking for rugs, you’ll find rectangle after rectangle. But remember that other rug shapes exist, too. A round rug could make the perfect addition to your foyer, filling the space without making it feel cluttered.

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Soften Your Space With a Shag Carpet

An entryway decorated with a plant, a basket, a woven chandelier, and a fluffy shag rug

Erin Williamson Design

Rugs are as much about how they feel as they are about how they look, so shop with texture in mind. If you want your home to make a cozy first impression, snag a small shag carpet. The fluffy find will welcome your feet with comfort every time you slip off your shoes.

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Pick a Rug With a Playful Border

An entryway with gray walls, contemporary furniture, and a beige sisal rug with a dark gray border

Devon Grace Interiors

Your rug doesn’t have to be colorful from top to bottom. By scoring a rug with a playful border, you can add a dash of color, print, or texture to your foyer without overwhelming the room.

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Mix and Match Entryway Textiles

An entryway with a light blue printed rug and a printed upholstered bench topped with mismatched throw pillows

Amy Bartlam

Your rug may not be the only soft accent in your entryway. And if it isn’t, decorate with all your entryway textiles in mind. Color-coordinate the pieces to create a striking wall of similitude. Or mix and match colors and prints to create a cozy, dynamic space.

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Stick Your Rug in the Center of the Room

A large entryway decorated with a round table, a round woven rug, two chairs, and a beaded chandelier—all placed in the center of the room

Becca Interiors

Positioning your rug near your door makes sense. But it isn’t your only option. By placing your rug in the center of your entryway, you can make the space feel bigger and grander. And you can draw attention to other accents in the room, like pretty chandeliers or sleek entryway tables.

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Keep It Simple With a Striking Doormat

A doorway with a sleek console table and a small printed doormat

Cathie Hong Interiors

Investing in a pretty doormat may seem like a boring choice. But the tried-and-true approach is a classic for a reason. Doormats are the right size to dress up an entryway without making it feel crowded. So snag one that’s pretty enough to pass as a rug—or find a rug that’s small and sturdy enough to double as a doormat.

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Snag Two Rugs for the Job

An entryway decorated with two rugs: a round woven rug near the front door and a printed runner in a hallway by the staircase

Calimia Home

Why limit yourself to just one entryway rug? If your foyer is remarkably spacious—or unusually shaped—two rugs might do the job better than one. So stick a textured floor mat by your front door, and snag a pretty printed carpet to keep in your hall.

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Roll Out Your Runner Longwise

An entryway with wooden furniture, earthy accents, and a printed runner that forms a narrow pathway starting at the door

House Nine Design

Instead of filling your entryway with a massive rug, look for a narrow runner and display it longwise. If you find an option that’s about as wide as your door is, you can create the at-home equivalent of a red carpet—giving guests a pretty path to walk down every time they step through your front door.

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Pair a Classic Interior With a Bold Rug

An entryway with classic architectural features, a bold contemporary rug, and furniture that bridges the gap between the two styles

Mary Patton Design

Since entryway rugs are eye-catching but impermanent, they’re open invitations to take a risk. So consider using yours to add some contrast to your space. If your entryway is skewing classic, balance it out with a bold modern rug. The accent will change the way your space feels—especially if you pair it with equally striking entryway furniture.

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Match Your Carpet to Your Floor

An entryway with black and white furniture, blonde hardwood floors, and a beige woven rug

Mindy Gayer Design

Sneak some softness into your space by choosing a rug that matches your floors. This choice may seem like an odd one: Aren’t rugs supposed to make a statement? But if you love the way your space looks and just want some added texture, why disrupt your decor scheme with a piece that's bold or bright?

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Find a Jute Rug With Flair

An entryway with striking transitional furniture, black tile floors, and a jute rug woven in an eye-catching pattern

Becca Interiors

Jute rugs are a classic pick for any entryway. But if you want your space to feel special, search for an unusual option. Look for a jute rug that’s emblazoned with a pretty print or dressed up with a fun weave. These surprising details will make the rug more eye-catching—without sacrificing its signature texture.

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Fill Your Foyer With an Area Rug

A foyer decorated with a geometric area rug that covers most of the room

Devon Grace Interiors

Cozy up your entryway with a rug that fills most of the room. While area rugs are popular in living rooms and dining rooms, they look just as lovely in foyers and entryways. So snag a fluffy carpet that stretches from wall to wall, and let it fill your space with color, print, or texture. 

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Design a Monochromatic Entryway

A monochromatic entryway with a beige console table, a beige printed rug, and other beige decora

Katie Hodges Design

One surefire way to craft a stunning entryway? Make everything the same color. Snag a striking console table, top it with color-coordinated decor, and ground the space with a printed rug that matches the rest of the room. 

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Choose a Rug That Matches Your Other Decor

An entryway with green printed wallpaper, woven furniture, and a matching woven rug

Calimia Home

If you’re struggling to find the perfect entryway rug, take cues from the space around it. Color-coordinate your rug with the rest of your palette, echo the boldest print in the room or pick a rug that’s made from the same material as your favorite furniture pieces.

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Layer a Few Small Carpets

An open-door entrance with layered doormats on one side and a simple rug on the other

Pure Salt Interiors

Struggling to find the perfect rug for your entryway? Piece together a few different rugs, instead. By layering a pretty printed rug over a shoe-friendly floor mat, you can add style where you want it and practicality where you need it.

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Take a Risk on an Unusual Rug Shape

An entryway with dark wood accents, a contemporary light fixture, and a blue printed rug shaped like a blob


Statement-making rugs come in many shapes and sizes. And when we say shapes, we really do mean it. So instead of making a statement with a bright color or bold print, turn heads by picking a rug that’s an unusual shape.

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Stick With a Classic Print

An open entryway with a small table and a simple striped rug

Design: Emily Henderson, Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

Keep things simple by snagging a rug lined with stripes, florals, or some other classic print. These options have stood the test of time for a reason—and they’re delightfully easy to decorate with. So resist the urge to overcomplicate: Set the scene with a simple rug, and let your furniture handle the rest. 

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Coordinate Your Rugs From Room to Room

An entryway with a round black and white rug, which leads into a living room with a fluffy rectangular black and white rug

Katie LeClercq

If your entryway opens into another room, color-coordinate the rugs you pick for each space. Snag a round printed rug for your entryway—and a similar-looking square rug for your living room. While this kind of coordination isn’t necessary, it’s a statement-making way to create cohesion in your space.

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Choose a Rug You Feel Comfortable Walking On

An entryway with minimal furniture, a large plant, and a printed rug that looks a little weathered

Design: Emily Henderson, Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

When choosing your entryway rug, don’t favor form over function. After all, your entryway rug is supposed to welcome people into your home. And if it’s too delicate to step on, it’s not doing its job. So look for a rug that’s stylish, but sturdy. And if you really want your houseguests to feel comfortable, snag a pretty printed rug that’s designed to look weathered.