Before and After: Erin Foster’s Pastel-Perfect L.A. Home

Remodeling or redecorating is so much more exciting when it’s your own hard work that affords you the transformation. Whether you’re installing new floors or hanging a piece of art, you can look around your space and know that you earned it all. Such is the case with the new home of comedy writer Erin Foster, whose new comedic reality TV satire Barely Famous premieres March 18 on VH1. After living for 10 years in her first home in West Hollywood, which, she tells us, she purchased “when I was really young and just had terrible taste like a college student,” Foster had finally earned herself an upgrade to a beautiful home in Beverly Hills.

Wanting a cohesive and grown-up aesthetic for her space, she called in interior designers Estee Stanley (Domaine’s editor-at-large), Mat Sanders (Domaine’s creative director), and Brandon Quattrone, of just-launched design collective Spruce, which specializes in quick, attainable home makeovers. In matter of two months, the designers made a number of cosmetic updates to her home that would increase its value over time, furnished the space with function in mind, and helped Foster find her own unique style.