Inside Supermodel Erin Wasson's Art-filled California Home

For years, I've admired supermodel Erin Wasson's unique tattoos from afar, allowing them to serve as inspiration for pieces of my own. Now, after seeing her latest feature in Architectural Digest, it's safe to say I'll be doing the same with her home in Malibu, California. A distinctly pared-down version of her eclectic New York City apartment and former L.A. home, both of which resembled art galleries, Wasson's midcentury home is as minimal as possible. "Well, for Erin it's minimal because she's been such a collector and maximalist over all these years," observed interior designer Josh Evan, who has been collaborating with Wasson as a friend and business partner since they were teenagers living in Dallas.

Wasson stumbled upon the home during a spontaneous day trip and was immediately drawn to the one-level Regency beachside-style home, she told the magazine, referencing the British design period from 1795 to 1837. "I contacted the woman who owned it and the rest is history." Fortunately, the home needed virtually no renovations; both Evan and Wasson loved the original details from the '50s, like the metallic red wallpaper in the powder room and the white brick and white marble wall in the living room. "It's so groovy, I'd never seen anything like this before," she said, admiring the wall. "I looked at it and I said, 'Well, I don't have to do anything there.'"

Original details aside, Wasson's impressive art collection is what truly makes the house a home. A '70s Raphael Raffel for Maison Honore anchors the living room, while a sleek De Sede Terrazza waterfall couch by Ubald Klug punctuates her sitting room. "This house is a huge storyteller of my life,” she says. "I'm lucky enough to have everything in my home be other people's stories of which I get to be a part." Step inside Erin Wasson's latest interior design project below, and head over to Architectural Digest for the full feature.

Erin Wasson's Art-filled California Home
Christopher Patey for Architectural Digest

Wasson playfully calls her sofa “the croissant,” which is a 1970s Raphael Raffel for Maison Honore couch. The bright pink stool was designed by Kwangho Lee and adds a burst of color. 

Christopher Patey for Architectural Digest

The back side of the house consists of sliding glass doors and Wasson's sublime outdoor space with an ocean view is the perfect place for a meal.

Christopher Patey for Architectural Digest

The large green piece of art was created by painter Fabian Marti. Evan calls the white marble pieces "found objects."

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