30 Chic Home Essentials That'll Actually Improve Your Interior Design

There are décor accessories, stylish basics, and statement pieces that can carry a room, and then there are those essential home items that ensure you'll be ready for anything but also clash with your thoughtfully curated aesthetic. Yes, unfortunately, some of the most essential home items also happen to be the biggest eyesores. We're talking about the must-have appliances, cleaning supplies, in-case-of-emergency tools, and storage pieces. And while we would prefer to tuck them away, there isn't always enough hidden storage space to do so. 

Well, it turns out that that doesn't have to always be the case if you know where to look for chicer versions of the home essential items you simply go without. After scouring our favorite online retailers, we discovered the basic accessories, appliances, and home goods we all need—but with a stylish, refined edge. Scroll through to shop the essential home items that won't throw off your décor scheme. In fact, they'll enhance it. Let's start in the laundry room.