7 Essential Oils to Cure Your Worst Hangover

A hangover is the universe’s curse for having a good time. Usually, the unpleasant feeling can be attributed to dehydration, but as the symptoms build in the morning, nothing can save you. Even if you drink enough water and eat well, a nagging headache and nausea remain to taunt you for the entire day. But not anymore.

Essential oils have a diverse number of effects on our bodies and minds. We consulted Sara Panton, co-founder and CEO of Vitruvi, about how essential oils might help the morning after a night of drinking. As it turns out, there are many possible ways to incorporate them into your own personal hangover cures. Citrus oils can help you find energy while herbal oils will promote a sense of calm.

Panton recommended her favorite essential oils for a hangover below and included suggestions on how to apply them to your skin. Recover from your night faster with these tips.