Trust Us, Your Secret Weapon at Work Should Be These 4 Essential Oils

Updated 07/12/18

Sure, coffee is most people’s vice when it comes to ensuring not just your survival on a Monday but guaranteed performance as well. But as good your regular java hit may be, we also know that drinking more than one a coffee a day often leads to massive mid-afternoon slumps and dehydration. Aside from the well-known remedies, like actually taking a lunch break, exercising, and eating well throughout the day, there’s been a growing camp of busy women who are adopting a more holistic approach to their work day (particularly in our office), by investing in essential oils.

With many options to choose from, Mother Nature’s creation is a great way to elevate stress, find your centre and refocus within a matter of moments, particularly fitting if most of your workday involves dashing in and out of meetings.

Because we’re so passionate about women feeling empowered to bring their A-game to the workplace, we've rounded up some of our go-to's below. From calming properties, to grounding vibes, scroll on for some of our favourite essential oils and learn how they can help you. 


Venustus Belief Organic Essential Oil $49

Blending lavender and German chamomile, a few drops in your bath will have you washing off the day with ease. 


Venustus Organic Ready-Set-Go Oil $49

With the help of eucalyptus, bergamot and geranium, you'll be centred and in control with a few drops of this booster. 

when you've hit a wall

Love by Luna Energize and Citrine Gem Juice $16

If you've hit a wall (read: Food coma) and can't seem to get your head back in the game, this concoction of of ginger and blood orange will wake you up and hone your attention. We love this brand because they also add crustal pieces in every bottle, specifically designed to supercharge your energy stores. 

for when you lack passion

Nature's Energy Chakra Essential Oil Blend $18

Life can spiral out of control quite quickly, with so many different elements fighting for our attention. If you need to find grounding and reboot in order to connect with your passions, Nature's Energy have creates a blend that combines patchouli, myrrh and sandalwood. 

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