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6 Home Trends You'll See Everywhere This Year, According to Etsy

Neutral bedroom.

Rikki Snyder

After a tumultuous year, homeowners are ready to welcome fresh and comforting pieces into their homes and get decorating, especially as we continue to spend more time inside than ever before. It’s easy for your current décor to seem underwhelming in recent—when you are staring at it day after day, it’s bound to happen.  

Enter Etsy’s fresh home trend predictions for the year, which embrace what homeowners need most: clean spaces, comfort, and of course, pieces that have emerged after social media deemed them as must-haves. Here are the trends that Etsy predicted will appear everywhere this year.

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Japandi Style

Collage of Japandi style home decor.

Courtesy of Etsy

Lots of time spent at home means lots of time staring at clutter—and the growing need to organize. The perfect style to embrace all things clean and minimalistic? Japandi, coined as a hybrid of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics.

The fusion feels equally modern as it does warm, blending neutrals with warm woods and clean lines. As searches for Japanese and Scandinavian design were both up last year according to Etsy, they predict that these styles will be a huge hit this year.

set of 3 Handturned Wood Candlestick
fabriquedeco Albert Oak set of 3 Handturned Wood Candlesticks $103.00
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Collage of travertine home decor.

Courtesy of Etsy

Move over, marble—it’s time to welcome a material that is equally as chic, but feels much more accessible to incorporate in your home design: travertine. A sustainable and time-honored material, travertine is being incorporated in all new ways, from tables to lamps to office décor. Etsy labels the material as the “new neutral,” and we’re all for it.

Decorative Travertine Cutting Board
BBStoneStudio Decorative Travertine Cutting Board $85.00
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Wavy, Curvy, and Squiggly Décor

Collage of wavy decor trend.

Courtesy of Etsy

The prized shape as of late is anything curvy, squiggly, or wavy, perfectly reflecting the "blobject" trend we’re seeing everywhere lately. Partly thanks to trends circulating on social media, Etsy saw a 28,236% increase in searches for wavy candles—which means it’s definitely time to take the plunge and get your own curvy décor.

Coasters Clay Pink Mono Squiggle
BluMintStudios Coasters in Clay Pink Mono Squiggle $145.00
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Checkered Print

Collage of checkerboard print decor.

Courtesy of Etsy

Etsy attributes this trend in part to the board game phenomenon being stuck inside brought—but we suspect that this trend can partly attribute its success to a little show called The Queen’s Gambit.

Etsy describes the checkerboard motif as “modern gingham print,” and notes that shoppers are getting their hands on checkerboard rugs, pillows, and bedding.

Checky Throw Pillows
checkersandflowers Checky Throw Pillow $34.00
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Mushroom Motifs

Collage of mushroom motif decor.

Courtesy of Etsy

No surprise here—rustic, woodsy elements are all the rage, in part thanks to the rising popularity of the “cottagecore” aesthetic. Mushrooms are appearing in more than just the garden, but in indoor décor as well, like the famed mushroom lamp and mugs that mirror the woodsy spore.

Iris Table Lamp
lightexture Iris Table Lamp $239.00
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Turning Your Home Into a Sanctuary

Relaxing decor collage.

Courtesy of Etsy

Today, it is imperative to carve time in the day for relaxation. After all, you are now working, dining, and caring for yourself and loved ones all in the same place, and that can make it difficult to find a space that is solely for unwinding. 

These pieces from Etsy are here to help turn your home into a sanctuary: spa-scented candles, eucalyptus shower bundles, bath caddies, and luxurious waffle towels. And attention plant parents: along with these items, shoppers are constantly searching to add bits of greenery to their homes, with the biggest hit being the olive tree. Adding to cart ASAP.

Natural Linen Waffle Bath Towel
alabatis Natural Linen Waffle Bath Towel $17.00