Euro Star: Estee Stanley

THE DOSSIER: NAME: Estee Stanley. TRADE: Interior designer. Celebrity stylist. Editor-at-Large for Domaine. VIBE: Old Hollywood meets Côte d'Azur. ABODE: The Beverly Hills residence of Pressed Juicery co-founder Hedi Gores.

When designer Estee Stanley made over the Mediterranean-styled residence Hedi Gores shares with her eight-year-old-son Gavin, her priority was blending low-key luxe with livability. "I don't like things to feel too uptight or precious, at my place or at anyone else's," Stanley explains. "I have a white couch in my house--if someone spills red wine, it's like, whatever!" Though Stanley couldn't resist a few precious curios--see the statuesque dragon from JF Chen, the idiosyncratic skull lamps from Blackman Cruz--they're outnumbered by pieces that blend comfort with style. "Estee's aesthetic is pure laid-back luxury," comments Pamela Jaccarino, Editor-in-Chief of Luxe Interiors + Design magazine, who features the space in its current issue. "She composed a palette of natural finishes with vintage finds, interesting textiles and amazing artwork. It's fashionable and inviting." We asked Stanley to break the look down for us room by room, in her own words.


This room is so big and so gorgeous, and I wanted to keep it feeling that way. Weirdly enough, when you put a lot of things in a room it makes it feel bigger: hence, the piano, the Oushak rug, the salvaged wood stump, the wing chairs and the tufted sofa. A vintage oversized mirror from Brenda Antin further expands the space, plus we needed something really large to fill the back wall!


We were going for bohemian and cozy in this little room, so I brought in a French antique daybed and pillows from Brenda Antin. I like to make cushions out of rugs that I find--the kilim I used for this one was found at Lawrence of La Brea.


These vases are antique Chinese pots--I like putting things on the floor, because it feels relaxed. That's how I live, so I want people to appreciate it in their own houses too.


I was channeling a Chateau Marmont kind of thing here, with chaise chairs from Summit and black and white upholstery by Sunbrella. I felt like we needed a little pop of color, to make it more playful, so I did that by covering the back wall with tiles from Country Floors' La Brea Moresque Collection.


I'm really into approaching bedrooms so that they feel like you're in a cloud. The guest bedroom was based around a pair of mother-of-pearl inlaid bedside tables from JF Chen, whose color scheme fit well with that idea.


I like a white kitchen because it feels so clean. We wanted a cozy French bistro vibe, so we used woven Larsen Fabric window treatments, a blue and white tiled backsplash, vintage wooden lawn chairs from American Rag Maison Midi, and Obsolete lighting fixtures. Everyone likes to sit where they can see people cooking, so we added these sculptural cane stools from Emmerson Troop.




Dragon Statue
JF Chen
Bedroom Lamps
Blackman Cruz
Kitchen Pendants
Console Table
Lucca Antiques
Kitchen Stools
Emmerson Troop
Outdoor Chaise Upholstery
Iron and Leather Stool
Mecox Gardens
Pool Wall Tiles
Country Floors
Outdoor Chaise Lounge
Summit Furniture



 Photographs: Nick Johnson for Luxe Interiors+Design