A Walk Through Eva Longoria's Front Door


Courtesy of Randall Slavin

As soon as Eva Longoria picks up the phone, it's clear she's in her element. The star is calling from Wales, where she's filming a new BBC miniseries called Decline and Fall. She's in the midst of inking a two-year production deal with Universal Pictures, and she's poised to celebrate the launch of her exclusive fashion line for The Limited, which lands this week. Yes, like most women at the top of their game, it seems multitasking comes naturally to the actress.

"My parents are the hardest-working people I've ever known," she tells MyDomaine, when asked to whom she owes her success. "[They] raised me with that work ethic. It's really the essence of who I am." After our chat, it's clear that simply referring to the driven star as an actress seems to fall a little short of reality. 

To delve a little deeper, we asked the producer, activist, businesswoman, and new designer to talk us through what her schedule is really like when the cameras are switched off. Think of it as a theoretical tour of her home, from a walk through her bedroom (where her enviable morning routine starts) to her home office (for some sage career advice) and, of course, the kitchen (the heart of Longoria's home). Ready for a tour? Come on in