I Pinned This to My Dream Home Board Before I Realized It's an Event Space

After a year-long hiatus from the platform, I've suddenly found myself frequenting Pinterest again this year. It's a borderline obsession. Perhaps it's a sign of where my head is at. I'm in house-buying mode. I felt the urge hit me last year but it's in full swing now. I really am feeling the need to nest and create a space of my very own. A home. So, as you can imagine, I have been pinning interiors I love to my dream home board and when these gorgeous images came across my desk I immediately wanted to do the same. That is until I realized it's not actually a house, rather an exciting new event space in Culver City, Los Angeles called Festoon

The 1900 square foot space is stunning and was dreamt up by the cool trio at 100 Layer Cake, Jillian Clark, Kristina Meltzer, and Amanda Dawbarn. But then I have come to expect nothing less from the insanely talented Sarah Sherman Samuel—she's also the mastermind behind Mandy Moore's truly jaw-dropping Pasadena home.

And while much to my disappointment you can't move in, you can rent Festoon as an event space (and natural light photo studio) for dinner parties, corporate parties, weddings, birthdays, baby showers, pretty much any event you can dream up. Scroll through the images to hear more about how Samuel designed the cool space.