Take a Social Media Detox With Facebook's New Snooze Button

Updated 05/08/19
Style du Monde

It's no secret that the number of Facebook friends you accumulate can easily get a little out of control. Whether it's because of old classmates, co-workers, or distant relatives, your feed can clutter with posts from people you'd really prefer not to receive daily updates from. Thankfully, Facebook just launched a new feature to help you avoid being inundated with unwanted content without causing a rift by unfriending an acquaintance. You can now "snooze" friends, groups, and pages on Facebook for 30 day periods, TechCrunch reports.

This new feature essentially acts as a mute button, but instead of other similar features, it's temporary. Simply click the drop-down menu on a post to access this social "snooze" feature. It's one of the small ways in which you still have control over your news feed, despite countless algorithms put in place by Facebook to customize the experience.

Give this new technological advancement a try next time you realize you no longer want to see daily baby photos, political rants, or photos of an ex with someone new. It's a great option if you're not ready to commit to unfriending someone altogether. Baby steps.

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