Why You Should Think Twice Before Facebook-Stalking Your Ex

Although you may be comforted by looking at photos of your ex on Facebook, new research is suggesting that social media stalking may obstruct the natural process of getting over someone. The Independent is reporting that “this sort of surveillance is associated with greater distress over the breakup, protracted longing for an ex-partner, more negative feelings toward and sexual desire for the ex, and lower personal growth.” The tendency to Facebook-stalk is particularly dangerous for people who have an anxious attachment style: those with low self-esteem, fear of rejection, and greater jealousy in relationships. Looking at pictures of your ex smiling and doing seemingly cool things is not going to make you feel better but, in turn, will cause you to be more anxious and depressed. To avoid any temptations, the best thing you can do is simply shut down your Facebook profile for a while. Hang out with your friends and family and spend some time doing the things that make you happy.

To learn more about how the social media networking site affects our psychology, read Facehooked.

Have you found that Facebook stalking an ex hinders your ability to get over them?