8 Rooms On Instagram That Made Us Love String Lights Again

Open concept apartment with string lights and vintage furniture.

Amelie Mancini

Whatever you want to call them—bistro, fairy, or string lights—this whimsical, cozy lighting staple has historically been allocated to two contrasting destinations: an outdoor setting or a college dormitory.

The former is an easy way to add charm to a backyard patio. The latter, a bit of a stereotype, is an outdated representation of what string lights can look like inside your home. In fact, there have been plenty of examples on Instagram that definitively prove string lights don't equate to a childish aesthetic. 

If you've been searching for a way to add an element of cozy to your home, a strand of artfully-strung lights might be just the thing. Ahead, here are eight ways to approach this décor trend from a modern perspective.

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Upgrade Your Mirror

Give a subtle nod to old Hollywood glamour and line a full-length mirror with a strand of bistro lights. Rather than stringing them around the entire perimeter, opt for just one side to make it feel low-key and modern.

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Section Off a Room

If you live in a studio apartment, a clever way to section off an area of the room is by stringing lights overhead, like in Jessica Levitz’s bright living room above.

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Create a Night Sky

If you have a loft or some sort of room designated for creative outlets, like library or music room, experiment with several strands of lights strung above to create a peaceful, night sky effect.

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Complement Your Plants

There’s something enduringly cozy about mixing bistro lights with pops of greenery. If you have a strong plant collection at home, toss in a strand of bistro lights to really make things festive.

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Brighten Up White Walls

A slim strand of lights is an unexpected way to brighten up a room with all-white walls—and crisp, white brick walls are especially stunning with the addition of lights.

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Make a Corner Twinkle

If multiple long strands of lights feels like too much for your space, try a shorter version or a small cluster to make one corner of the room glisten.

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Frame a Window

Give energy to your dining area by framing a window with leafy greens accompanied by a strand of lights. As seen above, the result feels original and thoughtful, creating the perfect environment to eat in.

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Pair With Lamps and Candles

Brighten up a corner by teaming up your string lights, a pillar candle, and a glowy lamp for a vignette that’s equal parts cozy and modern.