16 Fall Activities for Toddlers That Don't Require Much Planning

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Many of us have already felt autumn’s chill for a few days, which has given us a sneak peek of what’s to come this season. In case you forgot, it’s time for apple cider, candy corn, hayrides, and scarves, plus tons of fall activities for toddlers that will delight your little one. Now that your child is at an age when they’re interacting with what’s around them, it’s a great season to introduce them to outdoor play before temperatures drop too low.

Whatever the activity is, take tons of photos and videos to capture these fun fall moments. In case you need a little playtime inspo, here are our top 16 fall activities for toddlers that require almost zero planning and are fun for everyone.

Play With Sidewalk Chalk

Children playing with chalk
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Did your parents ever give you a bucket of rainbow-hued chalk and let you draw whatever your heart desired on the sidewalk? It’s one of the best fall activities for toddlers. They may need a little help, and it may get a little messy, but it’s worth it.

Go on a Hayrack Ride

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Take a pleasant ride around a farm with your little ones on a tractor topped with hay barrels. Be sure to point out any scarecrows or pumpkin patches, so they don’t miss a thing and end your visit with some warm apple cider.

Try Out a Corn Maze

corn maze
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All the twists and turns will be exciting for your toddler. We strongly suggest opting for one of the beginner routes, so they don’t get discouraged.

Toddlers learn best through movement, so try to avoid picking them up or pointing them in the right direction.

Pick and Carve a Pumpkin

Carving a pumpkin
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Let your child choose their favorite pumpkin (or pumpkins) at the patch. Once you get home, carve it together to make a jack-o’-lantern that will glow in the night sky. Plus, you can bake the leftover pumpkin seeds for a tasty snack.)

Jump in the Leaves

Jumping in fall leaves
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Dress your toddler in play clothes that you won't mind getting dirty or ripped. Rake the leaves into a pile, and then let your toddler getting a running start before jumping into it. You'll definitely get a kick out of watching her splashing in the leaves.

Head to a Petting Zoo

Petting Zoo
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Show your toddler how to feed and pet the animals. If they're too timid to approach the animals, try cradling your hand under theirs, so they feel comfortable giving the animals some treats. Don't forget to bring cash since most of the animal feed machines won't take credit cards.

Attend a Food Festival

Food festival
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Fall is a key season for food festivals and cooking competitions; attend with your little one in tow. Plan lunch or dinner around the outing so you can make a day of it. Few things are more exciting to a toddler than trying new, delicious foods.

Make S'mores

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S'mores are as messy as they are delicious—not to mention, kids love them. If you have a fire pit, wait until it gets dark and make roasting s'mores your nighttime activity. Otherwise, you can just as easily make them over the stove's flames.

Enjoy a Picnic in the Park

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Lay out a pretty picnic blanket, and enjoy an alfresco lunch as a family. Bring some toys like a ball or some bubbles to play with post-meal. 

Prep for Trick-or-Treating

face paint
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Waiting in line at the party store to try on costumes may be a bit too much at this age, but a short trip to let your toddler pick out accessories will be a blast. A tiara? Check. Face paint? Check. And don’t forget a fun pumpkin or bag to hold all of the candy. 

Play With Remote-Controlled Boats

Toy boats
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Kids just seem to be entranced by remote-controlled boats. Some local parks will let you rent them, but you can also purchase one to take to a nearby pond (or your pool). If your child is old enough, show them how to navigate the boat.

Make a Hot Chocolate Bar

Toddler and hot chocolate
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Chillier temps call for warm, sweet treats like hot chocolate. Set up a hot cocoa bar so your minis can select from their favorite toppings like rainbow sprinkles, whipped cream, and mini marshmallows.

Go Crazy With Pinwheels

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Get an assortment of colorful metallic pinwheels, and head outside. Show your child how to hold the toy, so the wheel spins in the fall breeze. Bonus points if you make them yourselves.

Fly a Kite

kids kite
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Pick a windy day to head to an open spot in your backyard or the park (try to avoid trees). Your child will be delighted by all the dips and loops as your kite soars through the air. 

Go Camping in Your Backyard

camping in the backyard
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Set up a tent in your backyard, and pretend you’re going camping. Sing campfire songs, and look for animals outside the tent with your flashlight. 

Head to the Playground

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The playground never disappoints, and it gives your child the chance to make some friends. Put him on the swings, or take a ride down the slide together. A game of tag never hurts either. 

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