This Is What You're Missing for a Good Night's Sleep

Color us old, but there are some days when we look forward to nothing more than diving into our bed, with a cool cup of water on the nightstand and a book to devour mid-plot. Bedtime is a hallowed time, and we like to think that we’ve got our wind-down ritual down to a science. Yet, what if the lavender mists and matching carafe/cup set aren’t enough? What if the stars have prescribed you the absolute perfect nighttime routine that will promise you your best night’s sleep, and you've been missing it this whole time?

We turned to MyDomaine’s resident astrologer Amelia Quint to find out what the stars have prescribed for a night well rested, along with the one power product that will help you fall asleep even faster. Ahead, Quint shares the tip to get some quality shut-eye along with your new cuddle buddy from IKEA. Ready to catch some zzz’s?

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